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Just like with Veemon, I drew up an Ultimate form for Hawkmon that doesn't involve DNA-Digivolving. I think he can become Garudamon by himself, but I wanted to give him a unique form that isn't shared with Biyomon. So I created Arunamon. The champion form is Aquilamon: [link]

Personally, I'm mostly pleased with this picture. There's just a few minor mistakes I have with it, but I'm not going to bother listing them.

Name: Arunamon
Meaning: Aruna is the older brother of Garuda in Hindu mythology. I believe I red somewhere that he is half-man, half-bird. He was born early, leading him to be the morning sun (not as bright as the noon sun, Garuda). Aruna also means ruddy, reddish-brown, tawny, etc.
Why: One reason I chose the name was because Arunamon is similar to Garudamon, so why not choose brothers for namesakes? And of course, the literal meaning of the word aruna is another reason I chose the name.
Level: Ultimate
Type: Bird Warrior Digimon
Family: Wind Guardians
Attribute: Data
Information: Arunamon is said to be related to Garudamon. It is older than Garudamon and understands far more about the world. Because of this, Arunamon will sacrifice all to ensure life continues on. Because it requires its arm for flight, Arunamon usually fights with its talons or its powerful wind attacks. It will also fight on the ground where it can use powerful punches to send opponents flying. Arunamon controls the 4 winds and is often called Wind God.
Special Attacks:
~Cyclone Punch: Arunamon punches with a fist surrounded by winds.
~Cyclone Slash: Similar to Cyclone Punch, except that its hand is open to allow the claws to scratch at foes.
~Northern Winds: Arunamon summons up powerful gusts from the north, bringing frigid air with the possibility of freezing the foe.
~Eastern Winds: Arunamon summons winds from the east that bring with them a tide of darkness that bites at foes.
~Western Winds: A light breeze blows from the west and acts as a swirling shield from evil's attacks.
~Southern Winds: Arunamon summons winds from the south to come and attack foes. These winds are powerful and are comparable to the winds in fierce storms.

The attacks named after the 4 Winds are based off various mythology. Most of it is Greek influence, or just the standard idea of what that wind symbolizes.

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Arunamon (c) me
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