Raven Picture

Considering I hate collage, I sure do it a lot. Another experimental project, this time for birds. I chose the raven, and this is the description I was given:

"The raven (along with the crow) is a bird of ambivalent symbolism: although it shares the solar associations of most birds, its black feathers can cause it to be regarded as the epitome of evil. Because it is intelligent and can speak, it was sometimes accorded the attributes of prophecy (usually of ill omen) and wisdom. Some Native American cultures consider it variously as the demiurge, the sly trickster or a messenger of the Great Spirit. Ancient Egyptians regarded it as a destructive bird, as did the Jews, believing that it plucked out the eyes of the dead. As the Blessed Raven goddess in Celtic myth, it was a symbol of war, fertility and prophecy; yet as the Raven of Battle and the goddess Badb, it also brought misfortune. Norse cultures, however, believed that two ravens sat on the shoulders of Odin (Wotan): Hugin ("thought") and Munin ("memory") acted as the deity's eyes. The raven is an emblem of the Vikings and Danes. In Greco-Roman mythology, the raven had positive associations of longevity, fertility, hope and the sun but also signified death. It was a messenger of Apollo and was once white, until he blackened it in anger. In China, a three-legged raven lives in the sun, denoting its three phases- dawn, midday and dusk. To the Japanese, it is a divine messenger. In Christina tradition, the raven is equated with Satan and sin, although it can be accorded the less malevolent attribute of solitude (from its preference for living away from the flock). Having fed Elijah, it is also a reminder of God's providence and of hope. Noah sent a white raven from the ark and when it failed, it turned black. Alchemists considered it the nigredo, or dying of the world. It also represents the deadly sin of gluttony. Traditionally, if the raven deserted its nest, disaster was foretold- hence the popular myth that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the English nation will fall."

As a side note, I will say I have never been able to find where they got the white raven reference for the Bible. If anyone can tell me the book it's in, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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