How to make a DECENT Regular Show OC Picture

EDIT 2: Information in this guide may be outdated. Some "rules" may or may not apply.
EDIT: Re Writing this to make it look a little more organized.

Picking a Species
Regular Show is pretty versatile in the species that a character can be. We've seen animals, objects, humans, mythical creatures, and even personified essence. There's so much you can do with your character in terms of design, so be as wild and creative as you'd like (for the most part).

If you don't know what to make your character, check out these random generators for some ideas: (random animal. Gives you a species and a short description. Must have a name for the character) (random animal. Gives you a species, a character interest, and a theme song {mostly J-Pop.} Must have a name for the character. )… (random animal or object. Gives you a random animal/object, but you can get more than one at a time)

Once you've picked a species, you can decide how this affects the character. This is a minor part of Regular Show characters, but it's still one that should be taken into consideration.
In this case, our example character "Avis" is a pig. Pigs are known for playing around in mud and being greedy. We aren't going to make her any of those things to stay away from animal stereotypes. It's fine to implement them, but it's better to not. Let's learn a little more about pigs shall we?
Well after some short research, I have learned that pigs (besides humans) are the only mammals that can get sunburned and they can't sweat.
So let's say say that when she goes outside, she carries around a parasol to protect her from the sun. Let's also say that she's a bit of a glutton, but she still takes the time to enjoy her food rather than just scarf it down.
The key to this is to incorporate natural elements from their species and mix it with a normal (or not so normal) person.

If you choose to have an "object" character, then try to mix in things that the item would normally do or be used for. Let's say that Avis was an oil lamp instead of a pig. When she's extremely happy or angry, her flame might get very high, but if she's sad or asleep, her flame will get low.

It's all the little things that make a character stand-out from being just a "human" in an "inhuman" skin.

Things to Stay Away From:
*Domestic Animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. These aren't impossible to use, but domestic animals just seem a little less "creative" to me personally, plus it's been shown that dogs and cats have not reached that level of anthropomorphism in universe. However, this isn't to say that it's an impossible choice! If you still want to make a character that's a cat/dog/etc, then be my merry guest.
*Humans. These also aren't impossible, but they aren't something that you'd normally see in the show or would see as an actual recurring character. Most of the time, humans in Regular Show are either background characters or antagonists. Plus, I also see this as a "lazy" choice. Why be human, when you can pretty much be anything?
*Species that have already been used in canon. This includes but is not limited to:
Blue Jays
Gumball Machines
and any other species that you've ever seen in the show.
This rule is based on the "One Steve Limit", and in that case of fancharacters, 9 times out of ten, FCs that share a Canon Character's species (in the case of multi-species fandoms) tend to be sues.
*Animals that don't exist. Green Blue Jays do not exist (however there is a bird known as a Green Jay…. Pink Raccoons do not exist. An exception to this rule are mythological creatures. Since these have been shown to exist in canon, they are perfectly acceptable. If you want your character to be a Al-mi'raj, then go ahead, but all of these techno-colored animals needs to stop. It's okay if it's their clothing (if the colors don't clash too horribly), but having it be their natural color is unacceptable.

Tips for designing a character:
*Use a good color pallet. This is something that ALL characters should have. Here's a nice site for color palates: And here's one that will do it for you if you have a base color: See what you like best
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