NEW CHARACTERS! Apollo and Castalia Picture

Hi me again! I have created two new characters for another Spanish project! I'm going to create another one soon, maybe tomorrow, but I drew these today.
in case you haven't noticed by their clothing, they're Greek. I know you are thinking why am I drawing Greek characters if they are going to be used on a Spanish project. Well, my partner (who is the same partner on my Spanish sonic comic) like drawing mythical, or ancient characters or clothes and we both like Greek mythology, so we decided that we will be using Greek characters for our project.
our project is to teach a lesson to the whole class, and we thought of making an animated lesson stop motion comic video by using Sonic OC fan characters! But the students , which are Apollo and Castalia are supposed to be like foreign exchange students or something who are trying to learn Spanish. They are trying to learn new things.

We thought this is was a fun, great idea! We are both very excited!

now let's talk about the characters. They're both Greek especially in Greek mythology. We have decided to create the Greek God Apollo as a Sonic character. Apollo is the Greek God of the Sun, light, and music. Same goes for Castalia. She is the Greek Goddess of fountains.but both Apolo ad Castalia both share a special bond. In Greek mythology, Castalia was a nymph(which is a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations) whom Apollo transformed into a fountain at Delphi in Greee, but they used to love each other. I don't know why he transformed her, but that's all I know. Maybe something happened between their relationship that had caused him to do that.

Well it's been a very long time since I have drawn a new character and I miss the creativity of making/creating one! But don't worry, besides the other Greek character that I will be creating tomorrow, I will be creating more characters and will be drawing my other characters soon. I'm going to try to draw Sirena a little less often Bye!

Apollo, Castalia ©
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