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A.K.A the Grumpy Bakeneko. Another OC between me and PrussianPoseidonswag He goes to a highschool for mythical creatures and is one of the eldest and most powerful demons in the school. Certainly a force to be reckoned with. The school is divided up by division of which the creatures came from (ex. Japanese, Greek,

Name: Satoshi Hano ( or Hano Satoshi respectively)

Old (About 500+ years or so)

Bakeneko, used to be a simple black house cat



Division: Japanese

Orientation: Refuses to admit/Bisexual

Personality: Satoshi is a grumpy, short tempered, black cat with a superior complex. Cunning and brilliant, Satoshi is highly intelligent and rather cold and uncaring. He's impatient and often views himself a higher being than everyone else. Satoshi is very intimidating due to his large size and grouchy personality. He's has a very upper class way of acting and can often get flustered easily. Yet, he is softer than he may seem. He has a soft side, though it is rarely shown. Satoshi is very jaded from having a long life that is probably not close to being over, leaving him scared to love and make close relationships. He doesn't take well to emotions he's unfamiliar with and has a tendency to turn t violence as a first reaction, though sometimes he means no harm. He overreacts to the smallest things, his temper often getting the better of him. He's known for his long grudges and having to seek vengeance for the most minor misdemeanors towards him.

Bio: Satoshi used to be a simple black house cat. He had a nice life with his owners and loved the little girl that took care of him. He lived to a very old age and his tail grew very long. When the little girl woke up one day, she found a small black haired boy with cat ears sitting in his living room. He'd become a yokai called a bakeneko and grew up with the little girl. As time went on and girl aged and he didn't and before he knew, the little girl he loved had passed away. Lonely and sad, he wandered around for years, looking for someone to love and be happy with. Everyone he found, he outlived until the Academy for the Mythological was formed. He moved to America and instantly registered for the school and has been there ever since. About 50 years later and the head of the Japanese division and a part time teacher, Satoshi meets Landon, an energetic hellhound with a talent for getting on his nerves. And that's where the story begins...


-Food (especially fish)
-Being in the sun
-Being in control
-Cats and turning into a cat
-Being warm
-Paper towels


-Being cold
-Being told what to do
-People stronger than him

Powers and abilities

-A very talented shapeshifter
-Is a necromancer, but cannot keep the dead risen for very long and can only raise a few at a time
-Has three natural forms, house cat, human, and monster cat, as to where he is basically a giant version of his house cat form
-Fast and powerful in all three forms
-Very sharp claws, careful he does bite


-His biggest weakness has to be his temper, he gets too angry, too easily and holds grudges and seeks vengeance too much
-He's not incredibly durable. He can take quite a few hits but his stamina (and interest) runs out rather quickly

Other Notes
-Loves being pet and has a soft spot behind his ears
-Has a very soft spot for small children, them reminding him of the little girl (Hiyoko) he grew up with and feels a strong need to protect them

Sato is mine
Landon belongs to
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