school app Picture

this is my school app. Lol

Name: Pryze

Age: 22

Club/class: Arts Club, Foreign Language club/ Normal Class

Hobbies: Drawing, Playing Pool (Billiards), Photography, Archery, sun bathing, writing

Personality: Tough and outgoing, Has a take no crap attitude, but shes very friendly and will always take up for her friends and family. She's a little boy crazy, which can get her into sticky situations. When she's not in school shes working... but she changes jobs often as she gets bored easily.

Intrests: Books, Anthropology, Theology (mythology), Shopping

Dislikes: Ignorant people, Bees, Potpies

Pryse has an open minded outlook on like and an assertive personality, that makes her come off as a bitch sometimes, but she doesn't mean it, shes just trying to get her point across and get others to at least consider her point of view.

She started school late in her years (as she traveled alot with her parents when she was younger) which is why shes so much older than the other students.
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