The one thing they fear most.. Picture

Heh heh heh. I was eebil here. I was getting in some practice drawing wings for my Angel of the Moon/Sun piccys later on, plus Stein had gotten me into the mythology of Warhammer 40k. There's a serious lack of piccys of this on here, and they're all portrayed as miserable I decided to add some humour to it all.

Yes, they are still wearing some armour; more specifically simple breastplates. It's meant to be casual-ish, plus I can't draw all that Space Maring get-up without making them look fat. Plus I like them like this anyway.

What's the one thing Sanguinius and Rogal Dorn fear most? Little six sided dice, and the bunch of screaming nerdy fangirls who want to hug them till they go pop. Though methinks they'd have a hard time catching this pair, especially since one of them has escaped upwards...

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