Monster School OC-Lerajie Picture

Char Sheet

Name: Lerajie ”larry”” Murmur

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Appearance: huge man, around 35 years old,220cm high for 140Kg of pure mussels. his statuesque body seems like can hide the sun. a snazzy five- pointed star with arcane symbols tattoo is more then visible on his left arm but it’s nothing compared at the long lines of Sumerian sutra lines that run from his right side that goes up his chest and then finish right on the opposite side on back ,in a kind of eternal words circle. his green skin and his light brown hair were the only 2 normal thing in him(green skin? Normal?.)a Light anchor hair face style gives at him a more severe expression And an old scar that run from his jaw to his right cheekbone disfigures his serious face. Rubin red eyes stares at students like he can read their souls .he’s a real demon when you meet him in his lessons, and worse with the male kind. but he can be also gentle, shy and sweet with women and ONLY with women . If a pretty woman asks gentle something, Lerajie does everything she asks. we can say that his bigger weakness are women but this not means that he is a playboy .all the opposite. Lerajie is professional in his work. nothing is too much for him and nothing ….NOTHING can stop him.


When Lerajie uses his own powers, a demoniac burning circle appears between his head and his shoulders, hiding his neck. his head change in a deformed 3-orbed goat head with huge horns and flames wraps behind the skull and those change from blue to red when he’s ready to hit or to attack. his sutra-tattoo moves on his own body like snakes, running here and there, going where he is holding the kinetic energy or going to shoot it out

Kinetic- energy tank. He absorbs all kinetic energy directed against him (a shot, a punch, a flying piano),increments it with his own strength and reflects it with even greater force against whatever target

His own hands and everything that those can hold

Strength - 9
Speed- 4
Wisdom- 6
Recovery- 9
Healing - 4
Endurance- 8
Agility- 6

Chapter I- the lust of angels
”larry” Murmur is nothing less or more than the great demon Lerajie in person, Mighty and Great Marquis of Hell empire who has thirty legions of demons under his power. cause of great battles and disputes, Archers protectors. Lord of war and innocents torturer and assassin. every great massacre, war, disaster and hecatomb were made in his name. Son of demons and proud fighter, during the 5 circles war on the Acheron river shores, Lerajie killed and tortured an atrocious, number of devils ,succubus, incubus and demons using only his own 2 hands. Everything to gain the title of “Grand Duke of massacre”.
Not too much centuries had to pass before the great dark prince Baphomet gave at him the title of TAGARIRIM demons knights Vice commander during the IV° 2 Reign war between hell and paradise for the domination of the human realm. Lerajie fought in the name of his lord Belphagor, killing every angel that had the unlucky to cross is way .but something happened, the destiny played a dirty trick to him.
Lerajie fell infatuated with the most graceful and dangerous angel o f the paradise army. Ruth, Hashmallim warrior of the V° Sky, Angelic commander of the Second Sphere .at every fight, the 2 lovers found occasion to meet each others away from the eyes of the 2 army since one day, Ruth broke her chastity vote for him. the black demon possessed her completely in a night of red moon.
Chapter II- Fallen Black Glory
The thing couldn’t stay hide for too much at paradise and hell army and Angels was less merciful then demons punishing traitors. Lerajie was disabled from see in anyway ruth ,on pain of eternal suffer, but he also got reward for his great job : seduction of a chaste divine creature, also if Lerajie feeling was pure. Ruth got the worse punishment that an angel could stand. the torment of time ,pain and sorrow :the mortal condition. she got cast away from the celestial gates, condemned to live a life in a human form, going to die like a normal mortal and dismissed by the pure lovely god voice.
Lerajie ,heard about the sad new, did the best he could to take her in safe but the cease-fire rules of Hell and Heaven were clear about it. no one could go in the existential mortal plane without a clear and explicit evocation by a human. Ruth couldn’t resist for too long and after 2 years she killed herself making a free fall from a cliff, yelling her pain and cursing the name of her forbidden love. Out of his mind for sadness and rage, Lerajie cursed the name of every angel beyond the celestial gates and the humanity, for left his angel sinks in the oblivion, took his personal knight army of TAGARIRIM and invaded the human plane forcing the hellish gates.
His invasion wasn’t look favorably from the eyes of Satan and ,after a great battle to push back Lerajie forces, the great dark prince condemned Lerajie at the same life of Ruth. Satan always had a discussible sense of humor.Lerajie found himself on the same plane he tried to invade but weak, with the half of his powers and without the possibility to stand in his real form for too long and at last, worse then everything:
he was human.
Lerajie didn’t have peace for the rest of his human life. his extraordinary longevity allowed him to observe the beauties and the obscenities of past, living together the human kind so despised ,hating all the living creature of the planet earth. his rage reached its climax when he decided to kill everything and everyone that had the unlucky doom to cross his way. men ,women ,childrens, guilty or innocents. Everybody got cast away in the hell because there isn’t peace for a soul reaped by a demon.
The abnormal quantity of souls that fell in the hell was so huge that Baphomet recognized “the artist touch” and suddenly the dark prince found the way to contact him.As the most classic form of contract between an human and a demon .the deal,a simple deal between them.Lerajie could have Ruth back into his arms joining again in the demon army like soul-seeker. Baphomet needed cursed guilty souls to flesh out his hosts of hell, before move war to Satan and the conquer of hellish realm .Lerajie accepted without think too much at it.
Chapter III- Redemption
Lerajie respected his deal Corrupting souls of every kind; kids, innocents, since despaired punks and bitches to women and men of Church . He was disgusted by his acting but that was the less he could do to have Ruth back. He took every soul Baphomet asked at him until everything for the great Judecca War. The battle needed century and century until the hell realm saw Satan like the only winner and Baphomet got cast away in the 6 bolgia, consumed by snakes and lizard in the fetus sea in endless. With the owner of the deal in the eternal punishment of the hellish torments, Lerajie couldn’t have anything back. he was free from the deal, like Satan ordered , but it wasn’t at all what the human-demon wished. Lerajie lost his dignity and his love forever. that was enough.Since that day,He disowned his nature and devoted his life at hunt and destruction of his own kind, any demon so fool to pass into the human plane. he became the guardian of the human world since he felt himself able to stand at this huge burden. But much time pass and more his old self was going out. at every meeting with a demon, his own powers and blood testy grew more and more .he’s was slowly going back to the old black demon, the lord of massacre that Ruth was fought and never loved .but how he could destroy the enemy without have a face to face with it? Lerajie really didn’t know what to do until something ,a little school master class flier ,found in a internet café, cached his attention and solved his trouble. So he chose the softly way; Teach his knowledge at everybody able to took his place in the fight against demons ,leaving his heritage at the next generation of slayers. He changed name in Larry MurMur and signed himself at the university of the arcane techniques and demonology, easily passing the courses for his direct experience and taking the diploma faster then a blink. Not much time had to pass before his shining name in the scientific demonology ,mythology and cryptology society brought what he was looking for. the chance to hold a chair of Demonology and Arcane sciences at the Monster school. Lerajie couldn’t refuse that delicious occasion to kick satan right on his butt, and accepted the teacher role

Sample of an rp post:
“There have been various demonologies ,classifications of demons, in Christian demonology and classical occultism and Renaissance magic. “ the noises of chuckle and chats of the students, finding those totally intolerable, but tried to continue his lesson .he went on but again ,the chats bugged his head like flies into his brain”… Classification systems are based on the nature of the demon, the sin with which they tempt people, the month in which their power was strongest, the saints that were their adversaries, or other characterist…”. that was enough. suddenly the strong hand clenched in a fist, squeezing the little white clank until it changed in dust into his hand. a laud punch- thud made all the students leap up.”SILENCE! (….i kill you XD)“his cavernous voice was so deep that students ears got hurt by it .his red eyes studied every students reactions, like a predator does with his victims ”do you all think that I care something being here and teaching you stuff that maybe you can’t understand? THE SCHOOL pay me in the same way if I teach you something or not…so…SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!”.nothing could be hearable from the room, just the softly breath of the students, their wide opened eyes staring at him gave at Lerajie a positive signal ”good….”he said smiling and, taking another clank ,he resumed with his lesson

Class teaching:
pic of reference.Larry demon form -energy up-->[link]

Lerajie designee by me
Every fact, reference, name and background by Dante's Inferno and Paradise ,Catholic-Sumerian-Kabalistic Demonology, Angels story, kinds and evolution. Mythology, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Jewish Mysticism, Medieval legends, The Wisdom of The Zohar: An Anthology of Texts
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