Muck Olla Picture

There are some who believe Muck Olla may have been an ancient Celtic god named Macalla, but there are also theories that he is actually an ancient god of the sun or god of the underworld. Unfortunately, they are all theories and speculation...there is little evidence to support these. What is agreed on is Muck Olla is an ancient Celtic "boogeyman". In days long past, some would still honor him. A small group of people would go from door to door on All Hallow's Eve (Halloween) and request gifts or offerings in the name of Muck Olla. It was believed giving a gift (or "treat"...) would bring prosperity to the household; otherwise, the household would be cursed with famine, sickness, and even death. The leader of the procession was called "Lair Bhan". He would wear a white robe with a horse mask and lead the group as he recited poems or long prayers.
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