SD - Hati and Skoll Fenrir Picture


Here are my two Sophomore bullies for the halls of WormWood. Hati and Skoll Fenrir, from Norse Mythology, twin sons of Fenris Fenrir. They are just "downright friendly" especially with new students. In fact, Ms. D'Freya (Aunty D'Freya to these bad boys) sees them more than the students do. Usually because as soon as they get out of detention they're right back in for beating some Freshman to a sobbing bloody pulp. (I think their collars are from Aunty D. cause she keeps them on a short leash...Ahahaha... *SHOT*)

Hati (on the left) chases the moon and is much darker. He changes into a dark black wolf with golden eyes. He always wears his dark black hoody, and prefers to play with his victims on a mental level. His favorite hobby is to get into his victim's head and snuff out every little ray of hope he can find with his smooth voice.

Skoll (on the right) is Hati's older twin brother. He chases the sun and has blond hair and blue eyes. He prefers to bully the old fashioned way...with brute strength, that is. He is normally very quiet, letting Hati play, then will proceed to just beat the living S*IT out of them.

Both of them are horribly protective over each if you mess with one, the other will definitely find you and make you wish you hadn't. Oh, they also have the wonderful ability to infiltrate your dreams and turn them to nightmares.


If you love your characters, you do not want to mess with these two. Even if you think your character is tough, these two will rip them to shreds. They will exploit any weakness and have no problem hurting your loved ones to hurt you.
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