Brakunaw 00 Picture

(Derived from "Bakunawa"- a dragon from the Philippine Mythology and "Gnaw" - to bite or to chew)

Type: Dragon/Water

Ability: Dragon Heart - Raises Attack and Sp. Attack after the Pokemon was hit by a Physical Attack.

Signature Attack: Dragon Storm - causes critical strike if the user has higher Sp. Attack than its foe. POWER: 100, ACCURACY: 95, PP: 10/10, TYPE: Dragon.

Pokedex Entry: The Devouring Pokemon. The largest of all identified Pokemon up to now. Every time it leaps out and splashes back to the water it causes a tidal wave.

Height: 50'02''

Weight: 2105.4 lbs

Legend: It is said that it causes eclipses by swallowing the moon because it was amazed by its beauty and the circles on its belly is said to be the moons it have swallowed. In order to spit out at least one moon, village heads made a deal with it that they will let it keep the rest of the moons as long as it spits out one moon every night and it may swallow it again when the sun rises.

redesigned from the original concept: [link]

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