Divide Picture

My new piece in the "Looking Glass Line"!
Join me on my journey through the Looking Glass once more, come to Nowhere...
Below I placed two youtube-links to two songs that inspired this piece.
I started this piece some months ago but I didn't like where it was going.
So I placed it aside until I felt it was time to give it another try...And I'm happy I did.
What you see before you are the Norns (Norse mythology) or Moirai/Fates (greek myth).
They are the three Deities that spin, measure & cut the threads of life.
The first (left) is Cletho, the spinner, who looks quite innocent. In the middle there's Lachesis, who measures, she has a more grim appearacne.
And on the right is Atropos, she cuts the threads of life and has a more sad look. I wanted to make their faces match with their task...Can you see it?
You can see that every Fate has some attributes: Cletho has some spinningwheels for spinnning the threads.
Lachesis has a pile of bodies underneath her to decide who comes into your life and who doesn't. She also decides how the life will end.
Know that the bodies are craving for the thread that's being measured over their heads.
And Atropos has a pair of scissors and sharp spikes by her side to cut the thread and thus end the life.

Now...I hear you wondering: why are they in Nowhere?
Tempt your fate, step across the Looking Glass & find out.
I'm sure you can come to arrangement with them, but only if you've got the proper reason.
People often think they can't change their lives, that everything is already decided.
I think it's not! I know that if you have an open mind and heart everything becomes possible.
You've been in Nowhere, right? You've seen wonders & horrors right before your eyes...
You're in Nowhere, Now Here, Right Now. It's up to you what you do with your time.

by- The Birthday Massacre
Divide: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ci7m…
Trinity: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PghDOH…

Tides of glass, return to ash.
In the dawn, we follow the path away from the sun.
Shadows cast in wake of the past.
Reaching out, into the dark and out of the light.

Crawling underneath our feet,
a river running black and green
from the heart of the gallows tree,
where the future and our fate
will bleed into the world below.

Stone to bear the mountain stairs.
In the night, we dance with our devils and dine with the snakes.
The dead will stare in joy and despair
rising up, away from the earth, into the clouds.

From the eye of the Graeae we stole,
a truth that we can’t unknow.
Spinning on the threads they sew
in a river of the tears that flow into the world below.

Over, under, threads of fate.
Weaving patterns, soon and late.
As in this life, so in all things
the end result, the action brings.

The fates will divide in three.
A sight that we can’t unsee.
We’re falling to our hands and knees
as the past and the future bleed into the world below.
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