The Earth Guardian Picture

A long time ago, I devised a character for Card Captor Sakura which never got fully designed until now. Wow.

I had this idea around maybe 3 years ago when I first got into the series (It was like my 3rd Anime actually, after SM and Ranma), shortly after I discovered Yue and stuff like that. Well, there are three realms at the end: Sun, Moona nd Star. Why not Earth? So, I designed an Earth Guardian who was kind of...evil in a way.

She shows up in creepy dreams that Sakura has, but you only see her eyes. Suddenly, half of Sakura's cards are re-released unto the world and monsters started to appear. All because of this guardian, who was ment to be the ULTIMET test. Even Clow Reed somewhat feared her.

Her original name was Clo, but now it is Yggdrasil, which is the World Tree in Norse Mythology. I kind of wanted to do something from Russia (considering it is in BOTH Europe AND Asia), but I changed my mind. The name Yggdrasil just rocks.

I like this drawing. Her wings arn't color because I was feeling lazy, and they're kind of like DIablo II angel wings (bands of light which hav e ablue tint to them).

I luff her deign too. It's much simpler then most of mine, but I wanted it to fit the other Guardian's style (Yue and Cerberos).

Yggdrasil is mine

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