God of Chaos Picture

Wanted to upload some more recent Egyptian stuff!!! I've been wanting to do a drawing of this guy for...years...way back to middle school but never liked anything I drew of him.

I finally decided to do a different technique on him. I didn't draw a lineart for him like I always did for my other drawings.. I always felt restricted.. I LOVE how this turned out.

This guy is one of my favorite Egyptian gods, Seth(or Set,etc..googleplz.)

He's portrayed with reddish hair(well mine has his headdress on so it's not like you can see it?) squared ears, a long downturned face. The animal version of him has the same features, only with a dog-like body and a spear tail.

He is one of the oldest gods that's been discovered in ancient times. It's not known what type of animal he is. He may be a a mixture of several ones, an extinct one(which doesn't surprise me considering his age..), or one that has been so stylized to the point we can't recognize it.

I consider him to be a very misunderstood guy too. Lot of modern folk consider him to be evil thanks to political wars that happened in ancient Egypt and changes in religions that just tossed this guy around like dirty underwear, though originally he really wasn't.

He's just a god of chaos, war, infertility. Basically the guy who does a lot of dirty work. But he has some good sides to him as well. He helped defeat the evil demon Apep with Ra so the sun could come up. So yeah, when you think about it, without him everybody was in deep shit. He was the muscle power.

Animals sacred to him were thought to be hippos, pigs, equines, gazelles..basically hooved animals, some fishes..(snakes too maybe? not sure lol)

The biggest story about him is about him and his brother Osiris. In a nut shell he kills his brother to obtain his throne and Osiris's son, Horus, battles his uncle later on to snatch it back. This is probably the prototype story for all those "Hamlet" theme stuff out there. Actually, I'd say Lion king/Hamlet has it's origins from this several thousand year old story.

The poor guy is a lost scapegoat..horny, dirty scapegoat. I'm pretty sure most of you are wondering WTF he is..

Well there! I personally find him sort of cute with his odd features. He also likes lettuce..

Cheers! I bet 99% of you didn't read this XD.
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