Deleis Line Picture

Beta Troll:
Name: Fleuor Deleis
Age: 7 sweeps
Gender: Male
Mythological Title: Knight of Light
Land of: Crystals and Shade
Dreamer: Prospit
Interests: Gardening, Astronomy, Watching Caliginous Romcoms
Personality: A self-aggrandizing asshole who likes to pretend he knows everything. He has an unhealthy obsession with cacti that borders on fetishistic. As in, if you told him to shove a cactus up his ass, he probably would. He's definitely a masochist, and he romanticizes unhealthy caliginous relationships, ignoring any evidence that would prove them anything but glamorous.
He's gross.

Alpha Troll:
Name: Peskia Deleis
Age: 10 sweeps
Gender: Agender
Mythological Title: Witch of Void
Land of: Gold and Deserts
Dreamer: Prospit
Interests: Science, Science, more Science (But really, they have an ironic interest in troll theology and they actually really enjoy dancing.)
Personality: The kind of person that can manipulate you without even trying, they tend to be very suggestive- both sexually and mentally. They will flirt and patronize to get what they want, even if they believe they are just being nice. They will rarely take no for an answer, sometimes going directly against another's wishes in pursuit of their own interests. People who are in contact with them for a long while find themselves caught up in a disorienting whirlwind of movement and colors, their memories scrambled.
Their voice is definitely Jeffree Star.

Name: Pereskia the Fluorist
Age: 15 sweeps
Gender: Agender
Interests: Gardening, Chemistry, Theology
Personality: Probably the most confusing and disorienting member of the Deleis line. They're a skilled manipulator, wrapping other trolls around their finger and leaving them with the faintest taste of implacable chemicals on their lips and a hollow drone in their thinkpan. Pereskia is the leader of a lotus-eater cult that can be found in the center of the Alternian desert. The members of the cult regularly consumes flowers that Pereskia grows in their garden, artificial plants that produce a potent mixture of psychoactive chemicals designed to make the trolls that eat them more manageable.
They dress flamboyantly to distract other trolls from their intentions.

All three of the trolls are daywalkers; due to a mild mutation they are able to withstand the harsh light of the Alternian (or Beforian) sun. They also have psionics, although they are much weaker than the usual yellowblooded psychic abilities.

Most of the base pieces I got were from a compilation of bases, Blahjerry's, I think? I sprited some of them myself, and heavily edited most of the ones I used...
If I used one of your bases and you need me to credit them, you could tell me? I'm really sorry I don't remember the base I got the parts from.

Fleuor's hair is by
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