King Cygnus Transforms into a Swan Picture

Swans are beautiful. Ovid is creepy. I suppose his humanity will be singing its schwanengesang (I'm awful).

Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book Two, "Phaethon", Lines 365-378:
(After Phaethon is struck down from the sun-chariot by Jove)

"...Cygnus saw it,
The son of Sthenelus, a distant cousin
Of Phaethon, but closer bound in spirit,
And he too mourned, and left behind his kingdom,
Liguria, which he ruled with her great cities,
And went lamenting by green banks and waters,
And through the woods, with the new young trees, the sisters,
And as he went, his voice grew thinner, shriller,
White feathers hid his hair, and his neck lengthened,
A web began to join his ruddy fingers,
Wings came along his sides, his lips extended
Into a blunted beak: what once was Cygnus
Was a new bird, the swan..."
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