lone the Wolf (in progress) Picture

(drawing in porgress... bio completed)

Name: Lone the Wolf

Catch Phrase/Motto/Highlighted Quotes:
(none at the moment)

Arctic White wolf

Age: visually 30 (real is about 70 to 90)

Eyes: dark green (not sure yet)

skull white fur/ wisdom grey muzzle

His personality varies upon how he sees the person. If he dislikes them for being cruel, rude, mocking, arrogant, all talk and no action... he’ll give you silence and not hesitate to inflect punishment in many ways such as a strike in the back of the head with out breaking a smile.

To those he knows to well he can talk freely and understanding. But it’s generally takes time to win his trust but if you do then you have a powerful ally and respected friend.

Hakama silk trousers, oak sandles, silk socks, Samurai armour gauntlets (blood red)... Lone has been seen wearing a full Hakama and also his complete armour. But you’ll recognize for this common dress style.

Bamboo flute: Plays a bamboo flute for mediataion purposes

Archery: Although he goes only to fight with a sword he may use a bow only on rare and needed occasion.

Katana: Can fight with any form off katana and is a deadly opponent. He’ll mainly keep his katana in its scabbard and fights like that. But if he draws his sword he means to kill.

Ju-Jitsu: The famous martial art of the samurai... whenever he doesn’t grant you the honour of his katana, he’ll just break your limbs with his hands

Other martial arts: Over the years of his wondering he’s learned a variation of other martial arts... but Ju-Jitsu he’ll meanly use.

(other talents inprogess)

(abilities or special moves... not spoiling now X3)

Backstory: (abridged version)
Lone was born in a valley called “The plane off the wind and river” for the whistle of the wind channelled down through the valley and the long stream that feed water to the homes. On a winters morning of freezing cold, Lones mother Crimson and his father Night feared their baby would not survive the birth in this climate. But when the babe was born he only cried once and stayed strong through the months of snow. His mother was blood red fur and his father was Black as night but Lone was born White as snow.

Growing up Lone was quite and was always on his own training in the art of Samurai. The village was made by a clan of Samurai that left technology and guns behind. The Village held a mixture of species including Lones cousin, a fox of red flaming fur called Kade. The two were best friends and trained together when Night wasn’t teaching younger generation in fighting with Ju-jitsu and the Katana. Lone was the top student not because whom his father was but how determined he trained and respected the way of the samurai.

By the age of 18 Lone was gifted his very own Katana from his father that he named after his mother who passed away... Crimson Fang. By 20, disaster struck. A supernatural force of demons had resin and attacked in the middle of the night. Stories were told of monsters that once roamed the world but no one believes in myths. The village was destroyed and the people were being slaughtered, but the samurai never retreated. They stood to fight back and protect their home but to no avail. Lone was trapped in a broken temple he trained in and with unfortunate luck, he survived the attack. He walked helplessly over the dead and wreckage as he recognizes many... And his father... all dead. He was dishonoured and ashamed. He lived while everyone died. He cleaned his father’s face with a cloth, soaking it with the blood and vows vengeance on the demons.

The village held an archive of demon mythology and for six months he study and learned about his enemy. He even learned spiritual skills and rituals, things that no one would ever believe... but he used it all he can. After the sixth month he packed his sword and a bundle of food for his journey... leaving the valley behind and never returned.

Not long into his journey he came across an egg that later hatched into a chao... a very rare and special chao. This chao was able to sense darkness and light from within people’s hearts. With the help of “Tengu” he was able to find many demons hiding among the real world and slowly it brought him ever closer to the leader who destroyed his village. He slowly began to witness this technology but still he kept to his code and never used what they called a gun; but still the new world was interesting but full off annoying people who mocked him and attempted to rob him... that is always a mistake.

By 29 he got his revenge. After years of searching and killing demons he found the leader know as “Korn” The battle was long and hard. But in the end Lone was victorious... but at a cost. The demon poisoned him with its own blood and then it started to infect lone. The poison would have killed him but for not his chao sacrificing itself to stabilize the demonic power and bending it that Lone has total control. The chao died but left an egg behind to later birth another one. With demon blood inside of him Lone had been gifted but cursed in ways. One is to live longer and youthful.

With his dishonoured wiped away and his village can rest in peace, Lone with Tengu left in search of a new home and they found it with a secret order who found him. They know the truth about the demons and welcomed him like a brother to their home and granted him the title as grand master samurai where he passed his teachings to the next generations for so many years of ageless exsitance. The new home was a massive tree that grew taller than the forest that slept beside it; but this tree was more than a grandmother of the wood but a keeper that seals away an ancient evil.

Lone taught so many students but one whom he admired the most was a cat named Sada. She was an orphan and she looked up to Lone as a father figure. Lone at first didn’t want to be seen like that after he failed protecting his last family in the village. But his heart was eased of the burden and so he adopted the cat and became her ageless father. She didn’t become a samurai though; instead she became an assassin and was the best of the best... but it didn’t stop her from training and learning new things from lone.

As the years went by Lone was sent away from the citadel with a group to speak with the king of Mobius. But on their return the citadel was burning and the tree came crashing down. Once again Lone was not there to protect his family. His heart burdened with sorrow and shame; he was about to kill himself but stood his hand. Sada wasn’t dead. He knew in his heart she was still alive and with that he still lived... but he personally went into exile. His exile took him to a small planet tied by a large chain and it was there he will remain as an outcast.

He made home in an old ruin temple and got food from the forest herself. Till one night looking at the sky he saw a shadow fall into the ocean. As the sun began to rise he found a body washed up on the shore of a darked haired hedgehog whom looked to be about 17. The boy was named Liam and was an experiment to demonic treatment... under the project name “Hybrid.” With Lone’s help he taught Liam to control the darkness inside him and open up the light. With nowhere to go, Lone allowed liam to stay and for a year he trained liam in many skills. Ju-Jitsu, fighting with a katana, mediation and many more... where liam had his own skills he developed over the year.
By Liam’s 18th birthday the two were separated and thus lone left from his exile to search for Liam. On his journey he found Liam... and Sada. They were both alive and they were using their skills and training well. He was amazed and happy with the two.

As years gone by he became a grandfather. Although Liam and Sada were not his own offspring, he still looked at them as his own. Liam had raised two boys with his wife Najila and are expecting a third. Sada gave birth to Twins with her husband Zephyr. But knowing the the idea he’s seen as a grandfather... he has been feeling like something has been missing truly in his life. But does he dare venture forth to find it.
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