RWBY OC: The Major Arcanea Picture

The last of the RWBY Tarot Ocs! Finally I actually completed a project!
Helena-High Priestess (Team HVEN, pronounced heaven, like the holy place in the sky)
Nathanial-Emperor (Team HVEN)
Leopold-Judgement (Team FOOL, pronounced fool, like idiot)
Elanor-Empress (Team HVEN)
Oscar-Hanged Man (Team FOOL)
Eisbeth-Lust* (Team HELL, pronounced hell, like the underworld)
Uriel-Aeon* (team PURE, pronounced Pure, like holy)
Vincent-Hierophant/Pope (Team HVEN)
Ray-Sun (Team SOLR, pronounced solar, like the solar system)
Mauve & Rosaline-The Lovers (Team RMNC, pronounced romance, like love)
Nuwa~ (team RMNC)
Ester~ (Team PURE)
Loralie-Justice (Team OCLT pronounced occult, like magic)

*Aeon and Lust are cards in the Toth's Major Arcana, since there are 22 major arcana and isn't divisible by four, I had to base it off something similar)
~Ester and Nuwa aren't based off anything tarot related becuase I ran out of cards at that point. However, they are based on mythology. Nuwa is based off the chinese goddess of love and fertility, as Ester is based off Queen Ester from the torah
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