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51 Pegasi, a sunlike star able to be viewed under the naked eye. It is 6.1–8.1 billion years old, somewhat older than the Sun, with a radius of 24% larger and 11% more massive. The star has a higher proportion of elements other than hydrogen/helium compared to our Sun. 51 Pegasi is 50 light years away from Earth, located in the constellation of Pegasus. In 1995 a Swiss astronomer discovered a planet orbiting the star, IAU giving it's silly name of 51 Pegasi b. The unofficial name of the planet that was given to it by the Swiss gentleman was Bellerophon, who was named after the man who tamed Pegasus in Greek mythology.

For quite a long time throughout most of the 21st century, 51 Pegasi b was always thought to be a gas giant planet that orbited very close to it's parent star. Until the year 2061, astonishing discovery was made by a Brazilian astronomer in Sao Paulo University, which was that 51 Pegasi b is not a gas giant, nor does it orbits close to it star anymore. 51 Pegasi b was now discovered to be now in a locked orbit around it's star and also found out to be a massive earth-like planet.

Since then humans have been amazed at this planet since 1995, and the star system of 51 Pegasi itself has been declared as among one of second places for humans to colonize in the future as of 2069. Like famous astronaut, Neil Armstrong had once said, "One step for man, one giant leap for mankind." 51 Pegasi b or Bellerophon (unofficial name) will soon when the time comes become a planet for human colonization many years from now.

Saga of Pegasi

Many years later it is now the 23rd century, humanity has now successfully able to colonize the solar system, such building human civilization on the Moon, Saturn's moon of Titan, Venus, and our most famous next door neighbor Mars. The nearest star system of Alpha Centauri, 5 light years away from Earth has been already colonized by the US, Argentina, India and Israel. But now it is the year of 2249 AD and the first human ships have now finally arrived at their destination, 51 Pegasi b.

A great history of what will be told will now begin. Let our story of the Saga of Pegasi begin, gather around friends and family a great history of this planet will now be told.

Part 1

2249- First set of humans arrive at the planet of 51 Pegasi b, the countries who made serious plans for colonizing the planet are Canada, Mexico, Russia, European Federation, China, Australia, Japan, US, Peru, Nigeria, Egypt and Indonesia. Canadians are first to make the colony on the planet, named Trudeau, named after famous historic Canadian prime minister from the 20th century. The Canadians built their capital city of New Ottawa with a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. The city of New Ottawa is still growing and expanding as more people will be born years to come, population will continue to rise in the Canadian colony of Trudeau.

2250- American colonists establish the colony of Columbia, depending on the sea for fishing, pearling and whaling industry as a way for the colony to live off of. The Americans found the capital city of New Washington and also make the major city of New Boston and Neo Angeles (Los Angeles taken to the extreme of high tech). Meanwhile the Russians establish the colony of New Siberia near the South Pole of the planet, the Russian settlers and colonists together built the cities of Aerotsk, Omrsk and Yumiraskgrad.

2251- Mexicans make the colony of Hernan, and is located on the hot climate of the tropics and is south from the planet's equator. Mexican colonists and their troops together built the heavily defended cities of New Oaxaca, Tuzla, New Monterrey, and Mexica. Mexicans in the colony of Hernan live off using lumber, and farming for a living.

2253- The Peruvian colonists arrive onto 51 Pegasi b, and land on a island in the west that is off coast of the Mexican colony of Hernan. Peruvians land the first space city onto the planet and then land it onto the island. Once now settled safely on the tropical island the Peruvians then decide to name their capital city Kino, which they named after a legendary Incan war hero.

2254- Americans in the colony of Columbia are beginning to face decline of the pearling and fishing industry, as a result famine breaks out in the American colony and 8041 people die from malnutrition, which is about 5.3% of the colony's population.

2255- Australians set foot onto 51 Pegasi b and establish their colony of Terra Australis and the Australian colonists and settlers make their first three cities of New Adelaide, Dreamland (and no Dreamland is not a Australian city for people to go to sleep and dream, it named after the Aboriginal Dreamtime) and Port Smith. Terra Australis flourishes well with a starting population of 24,050 people. Meanwhile in the southern part of the large island the Australians had settled on, the Japanese also land and find a place to make a home on too. Japanese colonists found the Japanese colony of Japonica and built the cities of Neo Tokyo, New Osaka and Subaru. Australians and the Japanese are very unaware that they are both sharing the large landmass at this point.

2257- Chinese make the colony of Xiazhou and built the cities of New Shanghai, Xia, Sezhou and Lansan. The Chinese are having issues with farming due to having no choice but to settle on a landmass that is mostly arid terrain. So the colonists of the Chinese colony of Xiazhou basically start by living on the coast, where growing rice and corn is easier with converting salt water into fresh water by dams and canals.

2258- European Federation finds a location for making a colony on the planet, and they decide to pick a small skinny landmass that is near the North Pole. The European colonists set foot and make the urban areas of New Paris, Romus, New Bern, Port Lzoda and Germaniae in a period of five weeks. European Federation name the colony Eurovpa, and European colonists come from many different various ethnic backgrounds. Most of the colony's population are French, Czech, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, Danish, Swiss, and Polish ethnicity. But there are also good amount of Austrians, Ukrainians, Turkish, Greeks, British, Irish, Norwegians, Russians, and Bulgarians. The colony of Eurovpa will become a major melting pot for ethnicities to intermarry years to come.

2259- Nigerians found the colony of New Africa with their first developed highly defend of Oigo, and Jubaki. Nigerians are the first people on 51 Pegasi b, to contact another colony on the same planet. The Nigerians had contacted the European colony of Eurovpa by radio and ship. Nigerians and Europeans decide to form a alliance with each other and begin to use the sea trade routes for trading goods with one another. Nigerians were the first people in Africa to actually be able to go into space, and now since it is 23rd century the Nigerians have become very educated in technology and science now that they have high tech like teleports, laser guns and laser rifles and a major computer database for learners in school.

2260- The Egyptians arrive and land on the same island as the Nigerians had settled on, and they develop the colony of New Egypt along with their cities of New Luxor, New Cairo and Oasisecca. But they are not happy to discover that the Nigerians also happen to live on the same continent as they do, so often the Egyptians raid and war with the Nigerians. Resulting in bitter tensions with the Europeans due to the fact the Europeans are allied with the Nigerians.

2263- The American colony of Columbia is hit by a large hurricane, which is remembered by the name of Hurricane Lazlo. Hurricane Lazlo hits the colony of Columbia in 12 hours and then causes winds at the speed of 50 miles per hour, causing buildings in the colony to collapse, and farmland is destroyed. And about 2000 people are killed in the storm. After the storm has died down, the American colonists and settlers suffer great huge amount of damage and more people die from famine months later.

2264- The Indonesians land onto 51 Pegasi b and decide to make a colony on a medium sized island that is located south of the Egyptian colony of New Egypt. The Indonesians then make the city state/colony of New Jakarta with a population of 8000 people, that are mostly young adults or teenagers. The Indonesian government back on Earth said that the young people shall go make new homes for Indonesia in space while the parents and elders in Indonesia stay behind on Earth wishing them luck. Many Indonesian colonists have even never spoken to their family in period of 50 years, and last time they remember speaking to their mothers, fathers, and siblings was when they were still back on Earth, 50 years ago. Now the colonists in New Jakarta must not forget their loved ones they left behind on Earth and must make their families proud by making Indonesia advanced and powerful in space exploration and space colonization.

End of Part 1

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