.::2012 Sco Reference::. Picture

-Added in a tattoo I'm gonna get soon. (There's another one too, but I haven't thought of a design yet.)
-I also changed my other outfit, I now wear a skirt instead of jeans lol.
-Also! I now wear a diamond necklace and earrings! <3

Yeah, yeah. I'm always giving y'all a new reference to me lolol. But hopefully this one will be around for a good while. xD So! Here is me and all my evilness goodness. c:

Theme Songs: Just the Way I Am - Skye Sweetnam, Misfit - Lesley Roy, Princess - Ke$ha, Lazy Song - Bruno Mars.
Name: Sabrina
Nicknames: Sco, ScoSco, Brina, Bina.
Age: 19
Birthday: September 27th 1993
Religion: Agnostic.
Height: 5'10"-5'11"
Weight: 195-205 lbs. (Losing weight. (Somehow lol) But it still goes up and down between a little under 200 and a little above).
Animal Symbol: Orange Siberian Tiger
Breast Size: 36 H
Eye Color: Dark Golden Hazel. Left Eye is a Dark Golden Green Hazel with Dark Brown Flecks. Right Eye is a Dark Golden Brown Hazel with Darker Brown Flecks.
Hair: Really short hair, can be straightened, can not be. Duck Butts it in the back since it's even shorter there. Usually has bangs over right eye, but sometimes not. Dark Brown Hair, Red Streaks underneath and Purple Streaks on top.
Status: Taken by =Avatar-Shugo-Kyo
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