Sikatuna the Lantern Maker Picture

Tauagan: SIKATUNA (radiance)
Real name: Cipriano "Prince" Simbulan
Age: 19
Kalam: Apung Sinukuan
Recruiter: Muklat Sumala
Occupation: freelance photographer, graphic designer
Areas: light, mirage, far sight, concealment

This is SIKATUNA, one of the blessed soldiers of Apung Sinukuan in my comic book story KALAM (gift).

He is the most intellectual and gentlest among the generally stubborn, comic, and childish warriors of the sun.

His family migrated to the city in search of a more convenient life, abandoning their lantern-making business in the townside. Although naturally altruistic, he is surrounded by family members addicted to capitalistic, apathetic, and luxurious life. His acceptance of Apung Sinukuan's KALAM is his rebellion against his family.

Having studied in the best university of the land, he has become the strategist of the group and peacemaker between two quarrelling teammates. His academically trained intelligence however affects his bravery in battle sometimes.

His ability is basically being able to control light, reroute its reflection, or manipulate its wavelength (causing light to change color). Raised in the visual arts by a maker of parul (native lanterns), he has incorporated his artistic eye to making light-made mirages believable enough for the enemy and for making star lantern patterns to bewilder his target.

He also uses his ability to make dark places lit, to see from a distance by bending the light reflected on a certain area towards his eyes, to make himself or his teammates invisible, to shroud the enemy in darkness (causing temporary blindness), and to slow down the speed of light in order to make an advance attack (the enemy, for example, will experience being kicked before even seeing the kick coming).

Because most of his teammates, especially TIMAUA, BARANGGE, and DAYAT, can't scientifically comprehend his powers, they always ask SIKATUNA to do things he technically cannot do, like, "Can you check out the color of that girl's panties?"

He cannot make light pass through an opaque object - like a girl's jeans for example. His power is limited only to redirecting the bounce of light.

Although his ability is of great aid when in group combat, he alone is weak against enemies who have great offense - for his attacks are not physically damaging. To counter this advantage, he usually trains in basic hand-to-hand combat, too (courtesy of fellow sun warrior SUNDANG ["dagger"]).

An interesting aspect of his life, too, is his relationship with his girlfriend from Clarkfield. His girlfriend is an extreme feminist, whose principles are so extreme that she sometimes insist on carrying Prince's bags, on standing up and offering one vacant seat to her boyfriend, etc. This becomes a topic of ridicule among not only his co-warriors but also his ordinary peers.

His counterpart in Apung Namalyari's side is AGUNIAS, an artist of sound and bells.

Do watch out for the other Sun and Moon Warriors:

Apung Sinukuan's Kalam receivers:
1. Timaua ("free man")
2. Barangge ("captain's boat")
3. Dayat ("sown field")
4. Sikatuna ("radiance")
5. Sundang ("dagger")
6. Kamamalu ("venomous snake")
7. Tagimpan ("dream images")

Apung Namalyari's Kalam receivers:
1. Batanglaua ("spiderweb")
2. Dapu ("crocodile")
3. Kalamba ("a large jar")
4. Agunias ("bell ring for a deceased rich person"
5. Balaue ("hawk")
5. Abad ("slight wound")
7. Galimgim ("tremble in fear")

Daughters of Apung Sinukuan
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology]
1. Muklat Sumala ("daybreak")
2. Abak ("morning")
3. Ugtu ("noon")
4. Gatpanapun ("afternoon")

Daughters of Apung Namalyari
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology, except 3, 4]
1. Silim ("nightfall")
2. Bengi ("night")
3. Kapitnang Bengi ("midnight")
4. Galingaldo ("past midnight")

Guardians of Mount Alaya
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology]
1. Kargon Kargon the Strong
2. Punta Punting the Sniper
3. Supla Supling the Rainmaker
4. Miran Miron the Clairsentient
5. Kuran Kurin the Dasher

Guardians of Mount Pinatubo
[based from actual Kapampangan mythology]
1. Wasi the Air Elemental
2. Blit the Hunter
3. Aglao the Spirit Chieftain
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