Wit and Passion Chapter Two page Three Picture

Well, I have a lot to say about this one, mostly in artists notes. We finally meet Iset Nepheri the Second, meagi. She has a very close knit relationship with Nataya, as they have known each other since they were very little and are in essence best friends. But what is more evident is the nature of the mission starts to unfurl, they are undercover and they are carrying an offering. I suppose the question is... what the fuck?

Artists Notes:
Panel one was... tricky, to say the least, getting the lighting right for a dark room with the door open just made it all very complicated, with the addition of a very unnatural light in the form of Iset's arcane glow, but I think for the most part I managed it. I also wanted to work harder on props, to that end I tried to make the room look more livd in, the table with the arms leaning against it, the wardrobe in the corner, it still looks very blank however, something to work on I think.

I LOVED designing Iset's costume, I first got my source from this: frisket17.deviantart.com/art/P… From an artist named Frisket17, I love her art style, but this particular piece really caught my eye, I loved the way it looked! So I tried to take a certain amount of its concept in Iset's design.

The rest of the design came from what I know about Egyptian Mythology, The Sun crown enveloped by the bull horns is the crown of Isis, she is the protector of all Egypt and often did such using magic and spells, I thought what better symbol for the order of Meagi? The Markings on her eyes are the eye of Horus, If you know your mythology, you will know who Horus is, and you may be able to guess their significance already, I wont spoil it. All in all, I love how she came out, tiny, sexy, angry fennec fox.

the third and fourth panel, I wanted to show that she was levitating, and then show her landing delicately and gliding on her feet like she was made of air. it didn't turn out how I wanted it, it didn't translate to paper. But it doesn't look too bad, I'll let it slide, again, not happy with the shading in the background, sloppy. The last panel? its okay, hope the gag made people smile. That's it.

I hope this has all tantalised your brains, and hope your hungry for more.

Happy drawing!

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