Wild Hunt Hound: Hind (Future Imports?) Picture

I'm working on an original breed for the DARPG community. They're based off the cwn dogs of faerie mythology. But there's already a faerie dog with wings and every color under the sun, so these are "Wild Hunt Hounds", because the legend they come from is of the Wild Hunt.

I've finally got down the appearance I wanted in the first place. This is the "Hind" type, the largest (generally) of all the types and the one I'll be placing as the official standard.

There are three types, all considered "Wild Hunt Hounds" for being descended from the same species (and mixed with dog) to create the hybridic breed. There's Hind ,made for speed. There's the domestic Hind, pictured here, and a "Wild" type Hind that has more the appearance of a gazelle, and... kind of looks like a black-backed jackal to me. There's the "Hunt" type, which is also speedy and light, but has various functions and should not be so thin. There's the "Hound" type, which will obviously appear more hound-like.

As a note, the masks overlap everything; piebald, merle, and even double-merle. However, these dilutions and depigmentations do take their toll on the masking. It's barely noticeable on the above, but when subject to albino and albinoid, there will be significant reduction of mask coverage. Of course, if you have a full facial mask like the black there, the reduced mash will still cover the eyes, ears and probably even the nose, though it'll likely look funny.

Brainstorming Process:
First Thing
Full Color Chart
*Build (Hunt and Wild" Hind)
Standard Colors (Missing Agouti)
Feline Patterns
Mask Extension (Coverage)
Mask Patterns
Mask Colors (Agouti and such…)
First Generation Mask

Some Future Imports

* = "you are here"
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