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Florian and Ralarn. So fun to draw such a difference in heights!

I've blah blah blah'ed about these two plenty in the past, so I won't here. Suffice to say that Ralarn never fails to get irritated by Florian's flippant, whimsical manner. Even though Florian does assume he's much greater than he is (he thinks he's a king or a prince, but is really only an informal leader to help the higher ups, and he's only that because his dad recently died), he's not so bad. True, he does take advantage of his power, plays mean jokes on people, and is incredibly self centered and selfish, but he's not malicious or sadistic, like many others in the Realm are. Even though Florian orders him to keep his wings cut short so no one can see them, Ralarn could have it much, much worse.

At the time of this pic, Ralarn is almost completely free, though he is content staying where he is and working his land as he does. If he's called to "court," he is obliged to go, but rarely is it for anything important, just his "master" eager for his company. I can't blame Florian; everyone else either kisses his ass or actively causes him trouble.

Ralarn's skin is dark because of working out in the sun so much, though I might have used too dark a maker. I realize most of my characters are white, and I want to change that. It's a little silly to assume that all faeries and forest creatures and mythological beasts, or angels for that matter, are pale skinned Caucasians, don't you think?

Ralarn and his dad and half brother are supposed to be of Semitic or Hebrew descent. Obviously I need to research that more. Not that Ralarn would know anything about that, because he has never set foot in the human world in all his life. He is in the minority for being a human, but people really don't care. they would care, very much, if they found out he was half angel, though. Even his best friends would hate him for that.

Prismacolor markers

I used my thinnest pen for this

characters belong to me
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