Theia's Shining Light Picture

Theia's Shining Light
Copyright ©2015 Steven L. Sheppard

This is my second entry I'm submitting to the "Supreme Regents of the Universe Titans Contest" here:…

Theia "is not shown much in mythology". (source:… )

But she is shown here.

Little is really known about her, besides her being a Titaness, and since her father was Uranus (heaven), her mother Gaea (earth), she had about a dozen siblings, among them Phoebe, Coeus, and Hyperion, but what else is known about her, is that she is the "goddess of sight and shining light of the clear blue sky." (source:… )

Which is depicted to the best of my ability in my image of my idea of her there.

"She was also, by extension, the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value." (source:… )

Which is why I included a basket of gold. The gold's not endowed yet with said brilliance, but it will be. She can only do so much at once, you know? : )

"Theia married Hyperion, the Titan-god of light" (source:… )

He was a kindred spirit indeed, for they are very much like-kinded, because the two of them share many mutual value affinities together, like light, for example.

So, she found a man worthy enough of her, as she was worthy enough of him.

Which is great!

She then "bore him three bright children - Helios the Sun, Eos the Dawn, and Selene the Moon." (source:… )

Not much is known after that, so as far as the rest of their mythos goes, I imagine them living happily together, raising a family.

Model: (Photographer of her is Orion Nelson)…



Blue winter roses and leaves I've used on the corners of the frame:

Basket of gold:

I used Werandra as the model here, because she is a shining light in my life, she brightens my night skies, she makes my day, she means so damn much to me. She's a rising stock model star here on DeviantArt, too. Her brightness, brilliance, radiance, and sunny personality all shine with such magnitude, I tried to show all that here in my image. She makes such a fitting Theia to me.

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