Contest: Myth and Legend, Icarus Picture

this is my very first contest entry for ShadeofShinon…
i hope i read the directions clearly! this is based on the greek mythology icarus using one of her pokemon, solvieg the altaria

icarus is a greek myth about daedalus and his son, icarus, who were trapped inside daedalus' own creation, the labyrinth. daedalus decided to escape it by using wax and feather to create wings. when they took off the ground and into the sky, icarus became too amazed and distracted by flight that he had forgotten about his fathers warning. icarus flew too close to the sun, which melted his wings, and plunged into the ocean to his death.

flight is an interesting concept to see, there is so much freedom in it, but it is much more than just flapping your wings. solvieg would have been very delighted to gain the freedom of flying in such an open sky, she would forget about the consequences when not paying attention, such as what happened to icarus who ignored his father's warning, and because of this, she tried to continue to fly even though all of her feathers fell off. i would think that after being plunged into the ocean and seeing the strange creature that somewhat resemble her is the reality solvieg had pushed aside to ignore, similar in a way where icarus realized he could no longer fly until it was too late.

i dont think ive ever drawn anything like this. it was a brand new experience for me. the pages looked really blank and i wasnt quite sure how to draw backgrounds... or underwater backgrounds. and oceans. how do you draw oceans? i wanted to add clouds but i wanted to give the somewhat an isolation feeling. i tried to keep the altaria similar to the artist' style. i had to fix her so many times so she wouldnt look like a vulture...

i find it ironic that solvieg was betrayed by the sun.

pokemon belong to nintendo
character belong to ShadeofShinon
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