Son Goku, the Monkey King Picture

A bit late for the party, but Happy Chinese New Year...I guess?

Same as Byakko, the name should be Sun Wukong, not Son Goku, but then again,
Dragon Ball exists.

---Son Goku------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Also know as Sun Wukong, and The Monkey King, Son Goku is a character from Chinese folklore, and one
of the main characters in the famous novel Journey to the West, a great warrior with enormous
strength and control over the elements and magic. He was born from a rock on the top of a mountain
between heaven and earth, and managed to become king of all monkeys for discovering a cave palace in
which they all could live. He then started making alliance with all sorts of demons and spirits, and
established himself as a powerful demon king on his own. In his travels he also acquired a number of
godly treasures, such as his phoenix-feather cap, his golden chain mail, his cloud-walking boots, and
his iconic weapon, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, a magical staff that could alter its size, multiply itself and
fight on its own according to the will of its master. He gave the Heavens a lot of trouble, even
managing to erase his name along with all of his monkeys from the Book of Life and Death, and was made
a god so that he could become more manageable. Upon discovery that he was given the lowest position in
heaven, he rebelled, running away after eating Xi Wangmu's "Peaches of Immortality" and Laozi's
"Pills of Longevity". In his rebellion, he managed to defeat alone great part of the heavenly army,
matched the strength of the great heavenly general Erlang Shen, and managed to avoid many executions,
until being defeated and imprisoned by Buddha himself. At the start of Journey to the West he is freed
on the condition of protecting the monk Xuanzang in his journey to India to retrieve the Buddhist
sutras, along with the other reformed demons Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. He was then tricked into putting
a magic headband, that at Xuanzang's command would cause the monkey great pain, easing the monk's
control over him. They battled many demons on their journey, and faced many perils, but were eventually
successful in retrieving the sutras, and for his help, the gods granted Son Goku Buddhahood.

Some elements like the mask were taken from the clothes used in the Beijing Opera's version of the
history, but in general everything is very straightforward... Totally forgot about the chain mail
and the boots though, he ended up just with the phoenix feather cap. (And a Chinese style...tank-top?)

Well, that's it from me,
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