Cat Mistress Picture


Also known as Baast, Bast or Bubasti (in some greek scripts).
Lady of the Flame, She Who Protects, The Eye of Re and many more.

The kind-hearted cat Goddess of protection, Lower Egypt and the sun (later the moon). Certain sources also claim she was a deity of love (probably because it was her city where the feasts of love were held). A few myths claim that she transforms into the punisher-goddess Sachmet when enraged. Major cult was in the city of Per-Bastet(Bubastis). Sacred symbols - cat, Eye of Re, sistrum, lotus... I love her as much as I love cats.

Originally, her head looked more realistic, but it wasn't working, she was staring weirdly. So in the end I changed it. And yes, she was supposed to sit on a magnificent throne but I lost the motivation to finish it, so it remained just a sketch. It's not important anyway...
One of our cats is named Bastet
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