My Personal Mythology Picture

This is the Cover Page art for the comic I did for my final project for my Invitation to Philosophy class. The image was inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh when Utnapishtim states, "It is only the nymph of the dragonfly who sheds her larva and sees the sun in her glory." Dragonflys only live for 24 hours, to me this statement says to live each day the way the dragonfly does, as if it was the only one you have. Appreciate even things you see everyday, like the sun, as if it was the first and only time you will ever be witness to it.

The spirals represent the ever growing cirlce of life. "Ka is a wheel" as Steven King states in his Dark Tower series, but I like the idea of a spiral instead. Everytime we go around, we've grown a little more.

The paper was titled "A Personal Mythology to Aid in my Quest for Self Knowledge". Here is an excerpt from the Paper:

"Invitation to Philosophy has given me the resources to invent my own personal mythology to aid me in my quest for self knowledge. Our readings from The Bible and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as well as the PBS Series Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth that I rented on my own, have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about religion, mythology, and how one should live their life.

Shortly before starting this class I had made the courageous decision that it was time to go back to school for my true love, Art. My seemingly comfortable corporate lifestyle was unfulfilling. The man I had been in love with had left me a few months earlier and two weeks after that my Grandmother, the woman who helped raise me, passed away. My friends and family were all at least 45 minutes away and I felt alone in my time of sorrow. Though my job was the only thing keeping me here in Massachusetts, I was still concerned that perhaps by committing to going back to school full time I was just running away from it all.

I was close to backing out of my decision when my Professor quoted to us the advice Joseph Campbell used to give to his students, “Follow your bliss.” He told us that Campbell claimed that if we did so, doors would open for us that would not open for anyone else. Looking back on that now, I see the truth in those words. I took this class because it was a general education credit that was available on Wednesday nights, however I believe that it’s no coincidence that it provided exactly the guidance I needed at the time I needed it most. This was one of those doors."
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