Maiden-Made-Of-Light (Gods of Essos) Picture

The Gods of Essos Nr. 6: "Maiden-Made-of-Light"

The Maiden-Made-of-Light is a goddess in Yi Ti.

According to tales told by the priestly scribes of Yin, the Maiden-Made-of-Light was impregnated by the Lion of Night. Their son was the God-on-Earth, who ruled the Great Empire of the Dawn for ten thousand years before ascending to the heavens. The descendants of the God-on-Earth ruled the empire after him, each ruling a shorter time than the previous one, until the brother of the Amethyst Empress usurped her in the Blood Betrayal and crowned himself as the Bloodstone Emperor, ushering in the Long Night.

The Maiden-Made-of-Light turned her back upon the world and the Lion of Night came forth in all his wroth to punish the wickedness of man.

From what I understand about the mythology behind the novels, there's always the correlation between a female moon godess and a male sun god. This moon/sun relationship is repeated everywhere, so I took the liberty of giving her a moon as an attribute.

A second sidenote: Even though Yi Ti seems to be based on Asian culture a lot, I feel that blonde hair "reflects" the light imagery much better than dark hair. I also think, this character is based on Selene from Greek mythology. It's the truth behind the image that counts, so I'm sorry she doesn't look Asian at all...

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