The Muses and Atlas Picture

I finally get to finish this picture! I started it before Christmas break but then ended up finishing it in January. Lovely.

That kid is Atlas holding up the dome of heaven. I love Atlas. :'D

The Muses are the girlies around Pimp-Atlas. I started this picture drawing them just for kicks. My silly egotistical Muses. They inspire me to draw THEM. Lawl.

Muses from L to R:
Calliope: heroic poetry
Euterpe: lyric poetry/music
Erato: erotic poetry
Melpomene tragedy
Thalia: comedy
Polyhymnia: sacred poetry
Terpsichore: dramatic chorus/dance
Clio: history
Urania: astronomy/prophecies

Atlas rocks my socks. That random rainbow is Iris. Iris rocks, too.

EDIT: I MESSED UP. Atlas is supposed to be on the same side that the sun is setting. The sun sets in the West and that's where Atlas was according to Greek mythology. [And the Atlas Mountains in Africa are west of yarr]
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