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The Com(Computer) Brothers
- First thing to know right off the bat, these guys were constructed by Rebekah to act as her guardians. They represent objects that she holds dear to her. So they are able to turn into their human forms or their original dear object form XD
- Also they all have different fighting tactics; Napoleon is Speed, Jeg is Attack, and Jex is Defense

Napoleon is a speed head. Mainly because he was Rebekah's motorbike at first. He's very friendly but also clueless at times. He is the youngest (newly made) of the brothers. Napoleon has the ability to turn into any vehicle or plane or boat or something that is considered transportation and is not a living thing (like donkeys) >w>

Jeg is very intelligent. Mostly because he was Rebekah's computer. He's smart but kind of emotionless. That is until Fanny pushes his buttons and gets him mad. During fights he has four extra arms that come equip with a blade in each hand. Jeg is white cause he's a laptop...oh so creative I know >w>;

Jex is the strong one. Mostly because he was Rebekah's backpack. He's the first one that was created and was made when Rebekah was very little, so he's very protective of her and his brothers (especially Napoleon cause he's also, literally, running into trouble). In battle, Jex uses giant shields that can withstand anything. Also he has a Scottish accent cause *insert reason, other than it's friggin awesome, here*

Dimentio is sly but kind. He's a professional magician but curretly looking for an apprentice. This is Brainy would fit in cause Brainy tends to...make mistakes that result in explosions, but Dimentio can contain these explosions and can be more patient with Brainy I figure. I can't say much cause he's NOT one of my OCs, aside from his human design and attitude.

Craig is a soldier from WWII, who made it home but was sadly killed by a two drunk, teenage drivers, who died when they hit a tree after hitting Craig. Under unknown circumstances, Craig was brought back to life, along with the entire cemetary he was burried in, after 65 years (The year 2010). After 3 years, 2013, Craig saw Rebekah and fell head over heels for her. Craig is sweet and kind, but very oblivious. He has a southern accent that comes with all the "Gee", "Golly", "Gosh", and those adorable analogies "Sader than a Junebug in May" stuff like that, I'm horrible with them cause he's from the 40's and I got nothing XD

Rebekah is kind of my Mary Sue. She is powerful, knows everything about everyone, and lost her parents to a horrible accident that has scared her for life. Her personality is a bit cocky because she knows everything but also very calm and doesn't care about being in the middle of things. Rebekah is the source of all my other OCs. As she grew up, Rebekah found new sides about her personality and created them as those voices we here in our heads. Fanny is her mischivious and insane side. Cheat Code is her second guessing and self aware side. And so on and so on. She watches the world and sends them to different places to help avoid tragedies, accidents, or anything bad from happening. She also made Greek Gods as real beings to help her with learning experiences and to keep her world safe.

(I got a bit lazy with the descriptions from here on ;w; )

Hecate is caring and kind of laid back. I based her off what few stories I've heard about her in Greek mythology QwQ

Krik was created by Cap'n Bek and Cheat Code. His original form is a giant ship that can sail through water and sky.

Ivan was first part of an evil vampire group that would stalk and hunt their victims at night...real original, I know. It gets worse/better. Rebekah created a way for Ivan to go out in the sun and not be dependent on human blood XD

Like I need to tell you guys about this guy. He's a bit pervy, he loves hanging around Fanny, is inlove with her, but won't say anything until the right moment comes, and has a real knack for creating complicted and sometimes very large robots and machinary.

Rebekah created him so he could help keep her world safe. What she didn't count on was him trying to get every guy, before she found Craig, to fall in love with her. He sees it as her not being truely happy until she's found her love. Now that Rebekah is all taken care of he's now working on getting Fanny a lover. Which is really hard when any guy who flirts with her gets punched by one of Danny's inventions, to which he repies "...I really need to fix that one day" XD

He is my EVIL character. He's the leader of the group of vampires. He had a taste of Rebekah's blood, which was actually pure energy, and is now addicted to it. Course this gives Fanny an excuse to go out and taunt and tease him cause she's made up of the same stuff.


God bless you all who were able to read through this crud TTwTT
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