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Oh yes, yet another Harry Potter OC! I'm gonna end up having a main one in each house... -shot- The idea for Cleo literally came out of nowhere and her whole profile just sort of fell together - I really don't know where the ideas even came from!

She'd left Hogwarts before the Golden Trio even came into it. She was in the same year as Charlie and Tonks (four years ahead of Tee, Rose and the twins). Here's some profile time...

Name: Cleo Lawford.
Nicknames: Princess (by her father).
Hair colour: Dark red.
Eye colour: Green.
Hometown: Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia).
Blood Status: Half-blood (witch mother and muggle father).
House: Ravenclaw.
Personality: Cleo grew up with a strong love for animals and biology. She also has a keen interest in mythology, so when she discovered she was a witch she was more excited about being told that unicorns and dragons really existed than the fact that she could use magic herself. Her biggest affinity is for the ocean and marine life especially. She’s a strong swimmer and her favourite hobby is deep-sea diving. She enjoys reading, particularly History books, and is quite intelligent. She has a very good eye for little things and becomes the seeker for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team in her second year at Hogwarts. She was happy to find that she was a good flyer – she always hated going on airplanes because she didn’t like the idea of having no control, which is why she prefers brooms. She’s completely straight edge and doesn’t drink, smoke or touch any illegal substances. She adores being outside in the sun and hates the unpredictable British weather. She gets along well with other people but she neither likes nor dislikes their company – she simply has more of an interest in animals. She’s extremely easygoing and doesn’t have any hold-backs since she has no interest in what people think of her. She loves ice cream but believes that all the water and fruit juice she drinks make up for it.
Likes: Animals, the ocean, swimming, sun, helping out at the marine park, biology, marine life, trying exotic foods, deep sea diving, Quidditch, fruit juice, surfboarding, mythology, ice cream sundaes, travelling, History, teaching, barbeques.
Dislikes: British weather, firearms, the thought of war, politics, fast food, fizzy drinks, going on airplanes, vain people, television, rollercoasters, shopping, people making fun of her accent, losing control, jellyfish stings (she’s been stung twice).
Wand: Pine, unicorn hair, thirteen inches.
Pet: A black cat called Morticia (or Tish for short).
Patronus: Dolphin.
Elective Classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, Earth Magic.
Favourite Teachers: Professor Hagrid, Professor Flitwick, Professor Sinistra.
Least Favourite Teachers: Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall.
Best Classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, History of Magic.
Worst Classes: Transfiguration, Defence Against The Dark Arts.
Prefect: Yes.
Quidditch Position: Seeker.
Background: She was born in England but her parents split up when she was five years old and she went to live with her father back in Australia, who got a job as a marine biologist at one of the national parks. Her mother stayed in England to continue working at the Ministry of Magic as part of the Wizengamot. Cleo grew up in Australia and discovered she was a witch at the age of nine. Her father had never explained about her mother’s heritage because, as a man of science, he liked to keep magic separate. This opened up a brand new world for Cleo because she’d always been interested in animals, mostly due to her father’s work, and was now discovering that creatures she thought to be of myth actually existed. When she was old enough to go to her secondary school it was agreed that she’d go back to England to live with her mother, since there were no wizarding schools near Australia.
Family: Mother – Bridget Specht, father – Nathan Lawford.
Love Interest: Charlie Weasley.


Cleo Lawford © *punkette180
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