Yalda (Birth of Immortal Mithr) Picture

Yalda Festivity occurs during the last night of autumn (December 21st or Azar 30th in Iranian calendar) which is the longest night of the year and the happening of winter solstice. This occasion is celebrated with much excitement and enthusiasm in its original birthplace, Iran. The festivity has its stems in the ancient rituals of Mehr (Mithr) that are being observed in Iran and also other Asiatic and European communities. It is a night of happy gathering of family members and having different seasonal fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate and different nuts.
Yalda means "birth" in Soryani language. Which marks the birth of Mehr (Mithr).

In the night of Yalda, God Mehr (Mithr)
is described appearing in a golden glow on top of Hara Berezaiti, a mythological mountain later localized in the present-day Elburz, whence he looks out over the lands of the aryans. The rock of Mehr (Mithr)'s birth contains both light and fire; he who is born from the rock is thus a fiery god of light. This conception is almost certainly based on a very ancient tradition dating from the time when man first discovered that both light and fire could be produced by straking a flint. Mehr (Mithr)'s birth is a cosmic event; he holds the globe in one hand from the moment of his birth and touches with the other the circle of the zodiac; the gods of the four winds and the four elements are all present to honour Mithras, ruler of the cosmos.

Mehr means promise, contract, and relationship between two or more people both in Sanskrit and Avestan languages. In modern Persian, Mehr also means love, friendship, reconciliation and promise. Upon such premises, and within the Iranian culture, Mehr is the antidote of lies and liars.

In various inscriptions Mehr (Mithr) rides the "Chariot of Sun" with his four white horses which represent the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The cross itself also represent the bound of four elements with this mighty mystic god.

Yalda has many similarities to the Yule, which is the Viking (Germanic) feast of winter solstice. The feast and the reason of celebrating are similar in some points and their relation to hunting. Since Mehr is also the god of hunting and in the Yule there was Wild Hunting.

So after of some researches and readings we thought to present a piece to this special, magical, mythical night that can cover most of the things related to this night.

The rune Algiz was so fitting to this mindset since it represent the Divinity, Connection with the Gods, Awakening and Higher Self.

And Ouroboros the Serpent who is always in presence of gods and means the Eternal Return.

At the end we hope The Ancient Gods and You like our gift of this year.

Let's together know the Ancient Ones and learn from them!

Hails Zurvan, Hails Mithr, Hails Wotan

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