Victory Picture

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Even though Sivette was the goddess of humanity, she believed herself to be a pure human, She started humans' revolution against tyrannical deities. The last goddess who was killed - who Sivette killed with her own hands - was Gimette, the goddess of forests. Together with Gimette, the last tree in the World was cut down because humans believed forests were their enemies.

Sivette and Gimette fought each other long before the Revolution. Those were small fights, and it was unclear who was the real winner in them. They thought that those fights will continue forever. But everything has an end - Sivette's and Gimette's fight was also finished. Sivette was the one who reached victory against her enemy.

Soon after that humans, claiming that Sivette was also a goddess, killed her. During those days, the Sun was already shattered to pieces, the forests had disappeared, and the World soon crashed down.

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