The Morning Star [+timelapse] Picture

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Grawn is the spirit of early morning. Existing on the edge of dawn, she roams the skies in the hours after midnight. Rather than hold a pearl like her other associates, she has morphed it into the spear she constantly holds. She is punctual, optimistic, and a symbol of persevering the last dark hours before the coming of day. It is said she uses the spear to keep the sun and moon in check so that days remain constant. Wither this is true or not is unknown. More scientifically advanced races have found evidence that there is an independent force that drives the heavens.

Even so, several of the world's civilizations have worshipped her as a deity, known by several titles such as the Keeper of Days, Chaos' Bane, Eternal Flame, White Fire, and Morning Star. However she is only long-lived. Born from a star as all celestial dragons are, she has a temporal, if not exceedingly long, lifespan. It has even been rumored that lesser celestial dragons have successfully hunted and their powers taken by mortals. Wither or not this action effects their star counterpart is unknown. Considering there are numerous stars that did not beget a celestial dragon, as there would be billions of celestial dragons otherwise, it is very possible there is no effect. But it is certain that a star's destruction will certainly doom the dragon it gave birth to.

It is unknown what occurs to a dragon if their star becomes a black hole or another celestial anomaly, and considering races on the planet have no knowledge of those anomalies yet, there is no concrete answer regarding this.

It is very possible that Grawn was born at the creation of the universe and one of the oldest, if not the oldest, celestial dragons.

Gotta love mythology.

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