Sailor Summer Picture

Lark Kyden
Sailor Summer
Abilities over Fire

Age: 16
Birthday: June 21
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Natural Black
Skin: Dark Tan
Height: 5'4
Weight: 135lbs
Blood Type: O
Sun Sign: Gemini
Gemstone: Agate
Likes: Sports, Running, Ice Cream
Dislikes: Lectures, Rainy days
Strongest Subject: PE, Sports
Weakest Subject: Language Arts, Math
Strong Points: Agreeable, Socialble, Optimistic
Has Trouble With: Rude, Jealous, Arrogant
Dream: To travel the world

Transformation Phrase and Item*
Earth Aestival Ribbon Make Up
Bracelet with a Star charm

Jujak Fire Wings - An attack of two wing-like walls of fire envelope the enemy in flames.

Pheonix Scream - The scream of the bird, a defening sonic noise that is painful to all who hear it

Choices made in making this character
Her birthday is on the June Equinox in 2011
Her colors come from two sources the Orange from the colors associated with fire and lava and Red from the color of the Southern guardian bird in asian mythology.
The Attacks use the Corean name for the bird.
The Transformation phrase is derived from the latin name for the Summer equinox, Ribbon is used because the lines of color are like extra ribbons in the uniform.

This senshi is created for the Sailor Seasons contest over at
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