Legendary fairies Picture

Two fairies I've been meaning to draw for a while... they both come up in Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland (working title for the sequel proper to Miss Prince)

EDIT: Changed her eye, because I actually wrote the relevant bit and how That Thing happened, while not happening in the usual way, still happened in a sufficiently similar way and not like I originally imagined, soooo. Yeah.

Hel is an ancient fairy queen, where fact and legend have been mixed to the point that the truth is unclear. She was the last person to own all three fairy artefacts, and thus rule Fairyland alone. Not approving of being second in line to the throne, she incarcerated her parents and killed her older sister. She was a bloodthirsty tyrant, quite literally, as she was a vampire. It is said that she demanded a tribute from each village once a year (some say every seven years) and since fairies didn't want to be tributed, they took humans for this purpose.
Whether she modelled herself after the Hel of Norse mythology or whether the two legends got mixed up is unknown. (Hel the queen of the underworld after all, and Fairyland in some stories is described as a sort of land of the dead)

Hel's line is extinct (the vampire having gotten back into the Dark royal family line a mere 4 generations ago, via Cordeila von Stollenheim). As is so often the case with vampires that strut around treating people like cattle and whatnot, she got her head cut off.

Her appearance here may not be 100% accurate.

Gaia is the fairies' mother goddess. Though their religion is actually animistic in nature, they believe Gaia created them and the other creatures, then went to sleep, exhausted. She left three of her children to rule, and gave them each a magical artefact as proof of their lineage and right to rule. (the same artefacts as mentioned in Hel's description, yes...) Her eyes are the sun and moon. Since Gaia is asleep, no-one prays to her unless they are truly desperate... magic fixes most things, after all.

Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland / Miss Prince (c) Alicia L. Wright and Tannbourne Ltd.
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