Ra at Nun Picture

OK, it is time to take this seriously, and this is the beginning. This is my first "serious" work.

I really like ancient Egypt, and I really REALLY like Egyptian mythology.
The myth says that Ra emerged from Nun, the ocean of nothingness as the God Atum with the form of an amphibian when he realised his existence, and begun creating the world and all the other Gods. He is the Light of life, the Sun in the sky, the creator of everything. But the world will not exist for ever. Some day, Ra will get tired and will return to Nun to sleep in the nothingness once more. With him, all his creation will ultimately disappear for ever.

I really like the above creation myth, so, quite some time ago, I sat down and drawn Atum Ra returning to Nun, looking back at his beloved world one last time.

I'm still inexperienced working so much on a computer though, and it shows on the many flaws of this first try. I really don't like how the water, especially the reflection, turned out, in fact it came out nothing like what I had in mind. All of the water was an accident, but still better than all my other tries at it.

Also, the Utchat, the eye, is backwards. The left eye is the eye of Horus and the right eye is the eye of Ra. Here though I accidentally gave Ra the eye of Horus. I could flip the image, but somehow I don't like it at all if Ra looks the other way. Not many will notice this detail, but still.

This drawing took forever to do, and it's still not as good as I wanted, but it was great practice and gave me some XP points, so the next one is going to be better. I need A LOT of practice, and practice I will.

I used the SFX tutorial by
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