Art366 79 Icarus Falls Picture

Title: Icarus Falls
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: 3/19/2016
Size: 16x20

Okay, so, keeping with the idea of trying to bump up the size, I’m not sure if I can do this with paintings quite yet. It’s rather difficult to do a daily piece that’s this size, not because it’s time consuming, but because I want to add in details which take too many coats, I use slow drying acyrlics primarily, I tried mixing in gold and silver BASICS to try to make my OPEN paints dry faster, which worked a bit, but they still took about 3-4 hours to dry per coat, which means I got about 3 coats on, here and there.There’s not enough detail or crisp lines within the figure falling (because the paint wasn’t entirely dry while I was working it), it fails to create a sense of urgency, and the sense of falling is very forced, it doesn’t feel very natural. The cloud is also too flat, it needs one or two more darks to really make it feel cloud like. I would consider it a failure overall, but that’s mostly due to my oversight of the materials I had and how I would have to approach the daily painting, and while the focal point certainly feel through, I think there are some nice bits in the sun, the mountains, and the water, that make this interesting enough. I’ll likely choose this piece to refine for this week, as it definitely needs a few more coats and some working with the figure. I’m not too disappointed though, most painters will tell you that a painting is extremely difficult to finish in a day and you can’t just channel that whenever you feel like it.

An unrelated note but the gold and silver STILL don’t show well, even taken in sunlight. The left side has subtle bits of silver and gold in the water which shine as ‘shadow’ to balance the right side. Photographing work (specifically paintings or anything with iridescence to it) is always so disappointing.
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