Bach - Toccata Picture

Bach - Toccata, (based on Northern Lights)
from my Exhibition:"Colourful Songs of Nature"

Aurora borealis is the Northern light and aurora australis the Southern light. It is a natural phenomenon, a light on the sky that is visible in the Arctic and Antarctic respectively. In Latin, “aurora” mean sunrise, and she was the Goddess of dawn. In Greek mythology she was called “Eos”, and she was the sister of the Sun God, depicted rising from the sea or crossing the sky with her wagon.

In the Middle Ages people in Europe believed that the Northern light was a “sign of God”. The “Dance of the Spirits” was connected with different superstitions. As people say and as has been proved scientifically, the Northern light can produce sounds like clapping of the hands, which derive from the sun particles, and when you hear them it is a special experience in life.

With her Northern lights, JuttaLegien-Vaya creates sensual pictures, depictions of dream landscapes of a nostalgic romanticism. The pictures evoke a strong feeling of atmosphere, a feeling of autonomous open space, with a strong unexpected contrast through the use of a dark melancholic sky.

Diffuse shining and dynamic light beams throughout the picture express the dream of eternity. Semi-transparent and light masses of thick white or half-white lower layers stress the role of light reflection and create an unrealistic dimension.
The vanishing point which attracts attention results in a thematic perspective beyond the borders of the picture. Smooth and even brush strokes lead to clear, shining forms with vague borders.
The color and form combinations allow for multi-dimensional horizontal, vertical and diagonal interrelations.

With a variety of thin tonal changes between cold and warm colors the phenomenon is represented in a realistic way, whereas through the intensity and clearness of the colour a symbolic dimension is reached.

oil on canvas 1 x 1 m
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