Monster Contest 22 Phoenix Picture

Here is the final result of what I previously posted (lineart) . For the contest, it had to be a chibi and this is really close to my way of drawing chibis but it isn't actually one... SO this will just be some sort of reference and I'll redraw him as a real chibi (T^T). Actually I'm happy with the result ^/^. As previously said, he may becomes an adoptable and if you're interested, message me.

I usually don't do it but I'm gonna explain a bit my choices for this design.
As you may have read in the description of the lineart, the "monster" I had to draw was a Phoenix and it's not quite obvious when you see this character I know... For the color palette I wanted reddish/oranges/yellow colors to remember the fire but I also wanted a bit of brown to remember the ashes. He has dark eyes because it was more in the theme of "monster". Generally I tried to use gold because the phoenix in the egyptian mythology is very connected to the sun and that's also why he wears a crown. I was in general inspired by egyptian.
I imagined him (yeah it's a he) as a lonely character, according to many mythologies, there are never two phoenix at the same time and they live at least 500 years before they burn. He just want someone like him. I also wanted him to be some sort of king because he's sort of the last phoenix.

Some of the adoptables I sell are still open, chek them
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