Griffin Fursona Picture

This is my fursona, a symbolic representation of what I perceive myself to be, and what I would someday hope to become.

The physical appearance isn't particularly significant and is mainly just meant to be aesthetically pleasing, though I will admit that there is some measure of personal symbolism there, mainly in the color scheme.

In mythology, Griffins are a symbol of the sun and fire, wisdom, vengeance, strength, and salvation. They have a dual nature and powers of sight, representing a mix of both good and not-so-good qualities. They are loyal, vigilant, and can be just as nefarious as they can be kind. Griffins are often seen and depicted as guardians of people, places, or hidden treasures and are a combination of the symbolic qualities of both the Lion and the Eagle.

I'd like to think that this represents me, and that I possess some of these mentioned qualities.

This little creature holds a great deal of meaning to me, and so I thought it would be appropriate to use her has my fursona. I really do love her.

Character & Design (c) ME
Griffin Creator (c) *Blacklnk
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