MLP OC-Spice Bitter Picture

This is a gender-bend of my MLP OC Melon Sweet…
This is my first attempt to draw gender-bend style.

Name: Spice Bitter

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn

Age: 16

Personality: Caring

Cutie Mark: Literature

Class: Part time librarian

Mother: Peach Bitter

Father: Pear Bitter

Female Counter Part: Melon Sweet (thinks of her as a sister)

Home: Canterlot (moves to Ponyville)

Likes: Reading mythology books,Writing Horror/Fantasy stories

Quote: "The world in my inspiration"

Despite his name Spice Bitter,he is actually a caring guy. This male counter part has the same character traits as the female counterpart. Both are blind,love to read and write,plus have a love for mythology and horror. His family owns a library,not a book store. Spice's dream is to be a famous writer,while Melon wants to be a librarian. Both have similar like dreams,since they both involve books and writing. If you may not notice the cutie mark of his are in a different formation (it's the pen). There is also something different,Spice does not posses a necklace,but as a human he does. Received it from his grandfather. Spice is also well skilled in magic,mostly uses magic to ad himself.
In school life he is considered the cuties boy in the school. Surrounded by girls and being asked for a date,plus studying is usually the daily thing in his life. He doesn't really find the thing on going on dates,he has not found his "special someone". At the moment he is single. (His parents are alive in the human world)
Spice's blindness was caused by sun infection. A group of boys pinned him down and forced him to look at the sun for a long time,thus causing his sight to burn off. He was sent to the hospital right that,once they removed his bandages his eyes were completely soulless gray. The condition never really bothered him,his on the hand did get bothered by this. Learning magic to ad him more compatible with himself,so his parents decided that he can continue the thing he loves.
When he met Melon,they felt really close to each other (as siblings). The two of them talked about their favorite mythology stories and horror stories. Their parents had the same name but different last names,yet they had different jobs. Spice's parents owning a library and Melon's parents a book store. The two of them very knowledgeableb,but yet try to out do the other. They even try to correct each other. The two understand each other because of their blindness,which makes them the perfect siblings.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic-Hasbro

Spice Bitter-
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