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It is finished!

At last, I've got all my Coera-Gohira-Ohida stories in one massive representation, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The picture may be just a little too busy to let the eye rest on any one vignette, but that makes it harder to spot all of my mistakes.

Top Row, from left:

The Patriarchs (and Towers of the Gods)
Lillit, Goddess-queen of Babel, shadows EvasonsCain and Abel from the ever-watchful gaze of the Sun-God, Patar-Ori.

Evason Deifyd stands behind the eldst-angel, Bethani (his wife), and the fallen Beckari-Keralai (his mistress). Before them is his mentor and younger-elder brother, Riel.

Evason Jack Riel and his rogue partner Jonas Ciad are seperated by Riel's one-time girlfriend, the vampire Melody.

The final Evason and cavalry POW Tuk is held by his captor, the High Princess of the Courdd Ilyaughset. Fleet, another of her slaves and secret ally of Tuk, cowers before them.

Bottom Row, from left:

Pol & Enthess
Pol, first prince of the land, kneels before the spring-goddess Ascorial-Enthess.

Heaven Descended
Tal, angel-eyed and beloved of the Lords, must decides between the heavenly despot, Lord Athanyel and the guerilla rebel, Matthanew.

The priestess-pirate Gaiahtri Spivak recruits snowboy Cormick Green to her cause.

And the eyes: Lil (Lillith, the Lillich, Lilliana, etc.) - trickster-goddess, moon-goddess, first wife of Adam, consort of the all-consuming Baod, patroness of the worm-god Couroth, Whore-Queen of Babylon, jezebel, demoness, succubus, philosopher, mother of vampires.

After some excellent recommendations, I've gone back and slightly muted the background. I didn't take out a lot of color, but I think it's enough that the characters jump out a bit more and the page isn't swimming in rich colors. I've also gone through and updated all of the links to point to the new and improved home of the Coera fiction workshop.

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