Vali-and-Vasilisa-in-The-Iron-Forest Picture

digital art based on my own stock
This picture is still available

This picture was initially intended as cover for HET IJZEREN WOUD (THE IRON FOREST) but I liked a later effort more. I am going to use it as part of the promotion video for the novel.

At first the picture didn't quite work for me but now, with the addition of baby Vasilisa, it is much more coherent.

The Iron Forest is the otherworldly place where all the mythological weapons grow: King Arthur's sword, The Celtic Speer of the Sun, Lucretia's poison-dagger and of course the gold-plated AK-47 from Ramiro the Mexican drug-lord. The blood from all battlefield feeds the roots of the trees. Hunting packs of marble dwarfs are on of the lesser hazards of the place. But notice the sword called Stone-dwarf-killer in the background so r the girls aren't exactly helpless there.
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