Non Fandom OC - Samuel Weston Picture

Name: Samuel Grey Weston
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 106 pounds (was a normal weight prior to becoming a host, and is now technically underweight)
Birthplace: Jackson, Mississippi
Current Residence: n/a; he abandoned his home and small town altogether after the massacre that caused everyone there to either escape or die.
Appearance: His figure is scrawny. He has some freckles on his cheeks, nose, shoulders and back. His hair is short and always combed neatly.
Clothing: He typically wears a mint plaid jacket with four buttons and blue jeans. The pant legs of his blue jeans are rolled up to his knees when he's at home or working around his dad's farm. He wears a white tanktop stained with dirt and mud underneath the jacket and wears a pair of brown work boots, although if he isn't doing anything outside and if it's hot, he'll usually walk around barefoot. He doesn't wear underwear but instead has navy blue swimming trunks underneath his jeans.
Skin Color: White; it's tanned to a light caramel color, although the skin on his torso, back and upper legs are a pasty white due to getting a lot less sun. After becoming a host, his skin is now completely pale with some veins showing through his skin.
Hair Color: Light Auburn
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Personality: He is shy and timid, for the most part. In school, he never made many friends due to his nature and awkwardness. His only real "friends" prior to starting grade school were the animals on his farm, the kids in town, his father and the neighbors who'd occasionally stop by his house; meeting kids outside of his small community, who didn't grow up as he did, confused and alienated him a bit. He was often teased for his lifestyle and accent by city kids-- due to that, he prefers to stay around people who understand him better. He's scared easily and prefers to stay near others, and hates being left alone for long periods of time. If he is, he'll start to get nervous and slightly upset out of fear. He tends to be a bit of a slacker and is also irresponsible-- he doesn't like doing chores for a long time, and often needs persuasion to do homework. Although he has a hard time getting to know others, he's always very caring and loyal when he makes a friend.

Ailments: He is under the control of a rather large alien, which is attached to his body from his neck to his upper back through the use of small tentacles. The creature has the ability to split it's tentacles to extreme levels, and said limbs also form a connection to a host's brain and nervous system. It's firmly attached itself to his brain stem, and can also cause releases of certain hormones (although it mostly utilizes melatonin), essentially being able to control his body inside and out, if needed. They're essentially intertwined in that they share the same mind, which in Samuel's case means that he can't make a move without the creature knowing. It's almost impossible to sever the two without one or the other being harmed; Samuel is always presented as a sort of meat shield whenever the two come under attack as well. If the creatures dies before he does, it will remain gripped to his body, refusing to let go. If Samuel dies before it does, the creature will remain attached; it will usually detach the tentacles connected to it's host and move on to find another, leaving the spare limbs behind to rot with the corpse. Even surgery wouldn't be able to separate them, as the tiny branches of tentacles are deeply rooted in delicate areas of his brain and spine. Trying to remove them would a surefire death sentence for the boy.

Samuel is also suffering from anemia and some dehydration, which caused his skin to pale and his eyes to become bloodshot, respectively. The being sucks blood out of his body, but only in emergencies where it can't find another body to leech off of. It only gets enough to hold it over for a few hours at most while still maintaining a fair blood level on Samuel's part. The anemia combined with the sleepiness makes Sam extremely lethargic-- he's always tired and won't move a lot due to a lack of energy.

Voice: Somewhat scratchy, has a thick Southern drawl. He tends to substitute "you" with "ya" a lot and talks a little fast.


+ He can control Charybdis for a limited period of time, ranging from thirty seconds to a minute, depending on the alien's state of mind. If Charybdis is disoriented or asleep, this gives him more time to control his body.


- He's always left at Charybdis' mercy, as it can use him as a puppet, being able to control his body to do whatever it wants for however long it wants.
- Even controlling Charybdis for a mere thirty seconds takes a ton of energy out of him. He always feels exhausted afterwards and is forced into (or drifts into voluntarily) a deep, unusually long slumber to recooperate. (The sleeping period can range from last 8 to 14 hours long, depending on how tired he is)
- He can't stay awake for long periods of time due to the excessive amounts of melatonin his body produces, which causes him to always feel sleepy. He'll usually only wake up if he's hungry or startled by loud noises like gunshots. If he is in a deep sleep, though, he's able to sleep through almost anything.

Hobbies: Swimming in the nearby creek (when he has the time, or is too bored to do chores), reading old novels (mostly fiction) ((before))
Family: George Weston (father) (deceased), Laura Weston (mother) (alive) (estranged)

Relationships: Charybdis - Samuel is openly hateful towards it for destroying his life. Although he is kind-hearted, he despises the monster as much as he possibly could because it killed off everyone in his small boondocks town, including his father. Even so, he can't help but talk to the creature out of loneliness, as everyone he sees wants to either scream and run or shoot them both dead.

The Townspeople - Before this, he knew everyone fairly well, and got along well with most of the other kids, including a crush of his that he's never told anyone about. The neighbors were usually few and far between, however, and between school and chores, he had hardly any time to walk to their houses. Just prior to the massacre, and after Charybdis grew to this size, the townspeople were disgusted and horrified by it. His father tried to call 911 for help after finding out about it, being killed shortly after. After this, the town became even more petrified, with some grabbing their guns and whatever other weapon they could find to defend themselves, and with others taking shelter in their homes. The police were called, but the nearest police station was about an hour or so away, as the town was situated deep in the Mississippi countryside. Samuel still can't remember what transpired in that hour of time, as Charybdis forced him into sleep while he was still in shock and horror over his father's gruesome death.

George Weston (father) - George has managed raising the boy on his own since he was two, when his parents divorced and parted ways. After the divorce, they moved back to the small town nestled in the Mississippi wilds, where George himself had grown up. Sam was extremely close to his father, so much so that even going to school upset him a bit. Before starting middle school, he'd been homeschooled by his dad, who felt a little uneasy letting him around kids that weren't from their hometown. George was always a little confused on how to deal with his son's social awkwardness, but always tried to be encouraging and a good role model.

Laura Weston (mother) - Sam doesn't know her too well, having only been shown old photos of her as well as being able to talk to her once a week on his dad's phone. He wished that his mother would have moved in with them, so that they could all live together. After the unfortunate incident that caused Sam to disappear, she's trying to appeal to the public through public pleas and missing person posters. She doesn't know of his current fate and believes that he just fled into the forest after the tragedy out of fear.


Name: Charybdis (given name) (pronounced char-ib-dis)
Age: 6 months
Species: ???
Gender: Agender (hates to be referred to as "male" or "female")
Sex: Has both sets of organs
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 289 pounds
Origin: ???
Abilities: Mind reading (only Samuel's), Body control (only Samuel's), Waterbreathing (done through purple gills running down it's body)
Personality: Emotionless and animalistic at it's core. It only sees Sam as a means to an end, and a food source, as well as any other unfortunate creatures that stumble upon them. It can't feel any remorse and will eat anything that wanders close in the blink of an eye; it's only goal is to survive and to destroy anything that's deemed a threat. It is sentient, and has a fondness for reading books (something that Sam and Charybdis have in common); whenever Sam finds a book, the entity will often force him to sit down and read it aloud (as it has no eyes and can't read).
Diet: Liquid-based materials, most commonly found in living things. It uses it's lamprey-like twin mouths to latch onto prey and suck the life out of them, leaving a dried husk of a corpse behind. Blood is the most satisfying substance it can drink due to all of the minerals within it, and drinking one person dry can hold it over for about 8 hours. It can also drink plain water, but it will only stave off hunger for an hour at most.
Backstory: Although it's exact origin is unclear, it got into Samuel's body as a hatchling when he swam in a local creek, through ingestion. It grew within his body for several months before coming out, where it was found on the back of his neck. Using it's telepathic abilities, it calmed Samuel down and reasoned with him, saying that it "came in peace" and wanted to "make friends" with the boy. It promised that it would do him no harm if he let it stay put and kept it's existence a secret from his father and the townsfolk. Samuel was still nervous about making a deal with the creature, but agreed to it anyway, hoping that the being would stay true to it's word. As months went by, Samuel's father began to notice changes in his son: he began to sleep a lot more than he used to, and a lot longer too, and his skin got more and more pale as months trickled by. Samuel began to have moments where he would briefly blank out, then snap out of it again, as the creature began to test it's newfound abilities by controlling his body.

As time passed, the thing became harder and harder to hide. Even his dad's big jackets, which had worked fine before, failed to hide the creature. By the time five months had passed, Samuel was also regularly becoming dizzy and lethargic, so much so that he couldn't come out of his room. At that point it was almost twice his size, as heavy as he was and also very capable of hurting or killing him, although the monster still assured him that it was friendly and incapable of doing harm. Although Samuel had tried his hardest to hide the truth behind his odd behavior from his father, he couldn't hide it any longer. When his father came into his room after the door had been left unlocked, he was petrified by the sight. Great revulsion and alarm consumed the man as he fetched his phone, dialing the well-known emergency number, but was stopped as the beast seized his body with it's two tooth-filled mouths. They sucked all of the fluids out of him within minutes, despite Samuel's cries of protest. The child was forced to cooperate, despite his grief, as the pair exited the room and scoured the town for more meals, which ended in a gunfight and a bloodbath that still haunts Samuel in his nightmares. Although he was asleep for the ordeal, he could hear everything: screaming, cars being crushed, and the other sounds of chaos. When it was over, and he awoke, he could only watch as he was helplessly dragged into the wilderness, leaving his old life behind.

Now, his disappearance and the massacre in the town left many people puzzled, including his mother, who lived several states away. The only survivors were those that were lucky enough to be out of town or sensible enough to escape. Even with people stating the perpetrator of the attack, the authorities are still skeptical of it's truth. Samuel has been declared missing, and his mother badly wants to know if he is alive or dead, as she doesn't know--and neither do everyone else. All they know for sure is that someone, or something, is leaving a trail of cadavers and smashed vehicles in the area surrounding the town. Samuel and Charybdis leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and it doesn't seem to be coming to a close anytime soon.


Other Notes: - The parasitic alien's name, "Charybdis", came in recently, where Samuel found a book of old Greek mythology. Wanting to know about the gods, he read through the book as the alien had requested, as he wanted to know what a "god" was. The name was picked by the alien, who thought it was fitting and liked the sound of it. Charybdis is the name of a Greek mythological sea monster, later found out to be a whirlpool, that sunk ships.

- Samuel always pronounces the name wrong, frustrating the monster to no end.

- Charybdis is only able to communicate with Sam telepathically, and can't speak verbally. It can change the "voice" it uses to speak to him, and has taken to using his father's voice as a twisted way of comforting him.


Forest Stock (c) Sed-rah-Stock (…)
Artwork, Samuel and Charybdis (c) me

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