Sailor Hygieia Picture

"Sailor Hygieia, Soldier of Healing and Lineage, honorary member and Sanguinary Priestess of the Blood Angels, the Enlightened Healer, Protector to Sailor Moon herself."

The eighth of my Project Sacred Blood. An iconic character of the Pokemon universe transformed into a Sailor: Nurse Joy herself. Or in this case one of her daughters.
I had once watched a Pokemon episode which introduced a Nurse Joy who was married and had two identical daughters (Marnie and Paige). Sometime later, I was reading some Greek mythology and read about the twin goddesses of healing, Hygieia and Panacea. Hygieia was the elder of the two, and could cure any disease, any affliction, and was in charge of hygiene. Her younger sister, Panacea, could conjure all manner of cures to give to the sick and needy. I immediately had an idea to combine these two together.

So I made one of Nurse Joy's daughters, Marnie, as the elder sister, Sailor Hygieia. Like the namesake of the goddess herself, Hygieia can cure all ailments, all sickness, all disease. The uniform was based from Nurse Joy's light pink blouse, but to make her look different, I omitted Joy's usual hairstyle and instead created long, wavy hair. Her symbol is the Staff of Hermes, a golden, winged sun which signifies bountiful health.

There was one final twist added: I made her an honorary member of one the Space Marine Legions: the legendary Blood Angels. I also gave her a special rank of the Blood Angels: she is a Sanguinary Priestess. Look it up in the Lexicanum wiki (the official wiki for Warhammer 40k) and type up Blood Angels to understand what I mean. The iconography of the Blood Angels (wings, blooddrops, chalices) is resplendent upon her uniform. Given that she's wielding a pistol, it shows that she's no stranger to violence.

I had already written a bio on her and her twin sister. If you want to read it, here's the link:[link]
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