BeyBurst FOC | Tsuki Tasogaregin Picture

Name: Tsuki Tasogaregin
("Tsuki" means moon/lunar; "Tasogare" means dusk/twilight/dawn (which is supposed to represent the sun and the moon being in the sky the same time, and as a nod to his brother; "gin" means silver, which is an accent color to his (more so his) and his brother's outfits.)

Nickname(s): Tsu (by Valt, Tokonatsu, Nika and Chizuko)
Silent Fox Warrior (An alias created by people who he has battled)

Age: 16

DOB: August 1st

Ethnicity: Hungarian


Nationality: Japanese

Sexuality: Asexual | Biromantic

Personality: Very quiet and tends to keep to himself. He isn't very timid when confronted, and rather enjoys talking with people, however he just prefers quiet serenity. He is very patient and calm, and he will try to talk matters out if there is an issue. It is extremely hard to get him mad as he has quite a pacifistic approach to problems, but when he is, he turns extremely vengeful. The only way is to mess with his friends and family (he can take insults quite well and often have a sarcastic retort.) He values the people he's closest to much more than he values himself.

Theme Song: None yet :3

Tortuous Tenor-Hati

( From Norse Mythology: Sköll and Hati are the sons on Fenrir, and are wolves who chase Árvakr and Alsviðr, the horses that pull the sun (Sól or Sunna) and moon (Máni,) across the sky every single day, attempting to devour their precious prey. At the time when Ragnarok (an eclipse) comes, they can kill the two horses.)

Beyblade Type: Attack

Beyblade Soul Appearance: A sleek, icy white fox, with it's ears and paws covered with black fur; it also has stripes running down it's body. Tends to wear many pieces of jewelry, and many light blue silks cover it's body. The tail has icicles hanging off of it.

(I chose to have an Fox, due to me already having two wolf bey spirits for other FOC's. I just wanted some variety, because Hati and Sköll are also wolves, and the thought of having four wolf spirits for my bladers is very boring and repetitive. I wanted to change some things up and add new variety to my FOC's.)

Special Moves: N/A (thinking about one called Cryonic Entrapment but again, idk what it'd be)

Likes: Dubstep music (he will often listen to it with Tai), kids (he helps Tai babysit a lot, and despite him being skeptical about it in the start, he has grown very fond of children and their cute innocence,) Scene fashion, darker tones of cool colors, ice cream and any other cold foods, mild weather with partial cloud coverage, stargazing, and reading.

Dislikes: People who pick on the weak, when the weather is too hot and too sunny (or when the weather is too cold, wet and gloomy.) He also highly camera shy (and will pull on the sweater strings to hide his face,) his brother trying to purposefully annoy him, dishonesty, scorpions, BEE, people criticizing his fashion sense, people who are too "clingy" as having no time for himself and no personal space makes him very uncomfortable.

Hobbies/Interests: Astronomy, reading (especially about psychology and the paranormal,) motocross racing, really likes collecting crystals for their sheen and metaphysical attributes associated with them.


  • Yes, that is a skirt. Tsu gives no fucks on what you think.

  • Under his eyes is actually face paint, not tattoos.

  • Tsuki actually DOES have a tattoo as well, at the base of his neck, between his shoulder blades is a snake head, ready to bite. It's actually a tribute to a pet snake he had that died a few weeks before his birthday. He really loved that snake, and actually has the skull yet.

  • He keeps his beyblade in his sweater pocket, and the launcher is stashed away inside his sweater.

  • He owns a pair of purple shutter shades and will wear them on occasion.

  • He actually owns a street legal motocross bike and rides it to places (and takes Tai with him.)

  • Despite having Apiphobia (fear of bees) he still enjoys the sweet taste of honey.

History: not now I'm still tired
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