Kyurem - Inside The Winter Storm Picture

Nothing like painting horribly frost-bitten flesh to put you in the mood for the holidays….

Here, at last, is the realism of the third of Unova’s dragons, Kyurem, the ice-dragon. Like Zekrom and Reshiram, the creating of this was fueled by what Dragonforce music I have, particularly Inside The Winter Storm, as one could tell by the title. I’m now happy with how this came out, though since early this month I’ve been eager to get it out of the way, because I have something in the making that I feel is going to be great – and you never hear me say that about my work – and I already had this in progress as a painting. Not only that, I wound up catching a cold, which slowed things down…. Arg.

Anyway, here is my first full-body realism of Kyurem, as proposed in this preview image: I suppose the ice doesn’t look very real, but at least it looks like ice, anyway…. I really wanted to put on frost to blend the ice with Kyurem’s bare skin, and I suppose it resulted in an unrealistic lighting, but it does make things look better. The wings are obviously broken, and I hope you can see where the wing membrane was once connected with the body. The open wounds…well, I imagined that Kyurem wasn’t always an ice dragon, and that whatever happened to change it thus, its body is yet to agree with it, and where it doesn’t get severe frostbite is where the transition is complete…. I’ve always imagined that Kyurem is an unfortunate creature, made aggressive and wicked from its misery. Very uncomfortable-looking, as I thought when I first stumbled upon it in Pokemon White.

Originally, the background was going to be even more simple, just a graduation of lighting like the haze of a terrible snowstorm. …Of course, adding in enough flying snow to make the atmosphere convincing would have also covered up Kyurem itself. The background wound up being its cave in the meteor impact site, though simplistic.

For Kyurem’s body design, I wanted to avoid the Tyrannosaurus Rex look, though that build does make sense for a creature with a body shape like this. But I still didn’t use T-Rex as a reference. I lengthened the body and neck, and the head is smaller.

I had never seen this beast before I found it in the Great Chasm (I believe the place is called), and it rather surprised me. It struck me as a poor, deformed creature, and I still pity it, even now that I know of its mythology. Hearing the story of Lacunosa’s monster left me shivering…. When I first came to the little pond in the crater and “activated” Kyurem, turning the forested hollow into a barren, snowy wasteland, I was definitely creeped out. Now, Kyurem is an irreplaceable member of my extended team in White. (...And as for its "Black2" and "White2" designs -- what the hell? I'd rather have a "perfect Kyurem" than a damn fusion, thank you.)

…If I had Kyurem in real life, maybe things would look more like winter where I live. I’ll never understand how people can praise this absurd, unseasonable warmth. Freaking climate change – I ought to move farther north. ...And people who prefer 90- and 100-degree days might want to consider visiting the Sun.

Way to go, dA -- pissing me off yet again by (currently) featuring on this page Dumpy Little Ponies.
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